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Audio Hardware / Re: Pass-Through of Compressed Audio to Yellowtec PUC Lite DDC without Decoding
Last post by Roseval -
To the best of my knowledge, USB audio, be is UAC1 oe UAC2 support only 2 modes.
One is of course linear PCM.
The other is RAW, mostly used for DSD.

A DAC (or its receivers) simply don't understand any PC audio format. You can't send FLAC, MP3, WAV, etc. to it as it simply don't have codec's onboard. All a DAC does understand is a couple of protocols e.g. SPDIF (linear PCM packed in a 32 bit word), UAC1 or 2 (PCM or DSD), etc.

The only thing that works to the best of my knowledge is decode any PC audio format to linear PCM, pack it in a protocol and send it to a protocol converter.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: World-Map-SMP
Last post by paregistrase -
I don't know if I did something wrong but I have a problem.

I merged the locale file tags to the JSON database like we talked in the wrapped post, and put the write tags to write to json.

The problem is that now every new artist that didn't have locale tag is from Spain. Even when the biography panel load world map continues to show Spain.

I checked and the locale tags are well assigned, and the new artist doesn't have any.

I delete the world map data from js_data and tried again and the same happened.

Audio Hardware / Pass-Through of Compressed Audio to Yellowtec PUC Lite DDC without Decoding
Last post by Boba -
Hello everyone,

I'm seeking assistance with finding and setting up a media player software that could pass-through compressed audio formats (such as AC3 and DTS) without decoding it, to a Yellowtec PUC Lite Digital-to-Digital Converter (DDC) connected to my computer via USB. I'm getting the audio stream from the AES3 out of the DDC.
I hope this is not a duplicata of another topic, I couldn't find any help regarding this specific issue I'm facing.
The Yellowtec PUC Lite I'm using comes with an ASIO driver. I've tried it already with several media player software without success
I managed to make it work perfectly with PCM audio, my issue here is only transmitting compressed audio formats without decoding it before.

Here are the details of my setup:
  • Yellowtec PUC Lite DDC connected via USB to my computer (USB IN) with AES3 OUT.
  • ASIO driver installed for the Yellowtec PUC Lite.
  • Windows operating system (Windows 10 Professional).
And the Media player softwares I've tried so far :
  • foobar2000 : I've found quickly that even if passthrough is perfect for PCM audio with ASIO (or WASAPI even), the foobar2000 keeps decoding my AC3 or DTS files, which is not filling my needs
  • VLC Media player : I tried with WASAPI and DirectX (since no ASIO was available), and I don't have any audio out of my DDC
  • Media Player Classic (MPC-HC) : with additions of  LAV Audio Decoder for bitstreaming, couldn't make it work neither
  • KODI : used an MKV with AC3 audio for this one, but I couldn't passthrough to my DDC, it had to be the default speaker
  • Winyl : can't load AC3 or DTS natively, I assumed any extensions would recreate the behavior of foobar2000 of decoding the compressed audio before doing a passthrough
  • JRiver : I've read here ( that JRiver doesn't do passthrough so did not try too much with this one

Any advice or recommendations on media player software or alternative solutions that can accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!
General - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar2000 Wrapped
Last post by paregistrase -
In the style field an improvement will be one line per data in the page that show best tracks,

                     Track title
Photo-----    Artist
                     # listens
General Audio / Re: deduplicate files -> and create symlinks / softlinks instead
Last post by Porcus -
situations where you can choose to do so
"not" to do so.
Update the metadata section, and if goes into the block that ends with the first audio - do that.

But, but: If FS deduplication spends effectively no additional space on a block of zeroes, cannot you just pad megabytes between tags and audio and they will be deduplicated away?
But then "copying" to a different file system (w/o compression) should likely be done with metaflac instead of copy.