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WavPack / Re: most useful format for embedding wavpack metadata
Last post by schwa -
I'm familiar with the specification 😃.  To embed the tag in a standard 32-bit chunky format like .wav or .aiff, it needs a 4-byte identifier that is not part of the APEv2 specification itself.  Often these identifiers become canonical based on community use, so I'm asking this community if they are aware of any application embedding APEv2 like this and what 4-byte identifier they might use.  "APE2" seems reasonable if there isn't anything canonical, or maybe "APET" based on the 8-byte identifier.
Audio Hardware / Re: Distortion during playback of some vinyl
Last post by gabz -
i purchased a very nice vintage Pioneer Pl-560 turntable w/ a Grado GT cartridge. During the playing of some records i hear distortion from mainly the left channel. I have adjusted all aspects of the turntable ie; leveling' azimuth, balancing the tonearm, etc. I guess what I'm trying to determine could this be due to the cartridge failing or is something else the culprit. Hoping some one can give me some insight.

did you manage to fix the problem i have just bought a pl560 same problem
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: exhale - Open Source xHE-AAC encoder
Last post by kode54 -
They would work fine with foobar2000 converter because it changes the current working directory to the output location and simply emits a relative path to the output file, which it uses an ASCII safe temporary name for.

I can try to implement Unicode support using the same piece of code as the Windows FLAC uses. That makes it quite simple, as it implements support for both command line arguments and fopen with UTF-8 strings, and converts them to UTF-16 for Windows' Unicode API.
WavPack / Re: most useful format for embedding wavpack metadata
Last post by kode54 -
It has a fixed size footer that contains an identifiable signature and the size of the actual tag chunk, but it's slightly more than 4 bytes. 8 bytes for the signature, I believe? Because I'm remembering the signature of "APETAGEX". Don't take my word for it immediately, since I'm just typing this from memory, best to look at the specification.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Issue In Foobar iTunes M4A Conversion
Last post by kode54 -
The conversion size will always depend on your compression settings. And Apple doesn't really reveal which compression settings they use for their distributed lossy files, except that they're approximately 256kbps Average Bitrate mode. The top file looks like it was possibly encoded with the maximum constrained bitrate that the iTunes encoder will allow, which isn't really necessary to preserve most audible information. 320kbps is already overkill for MP3, and definitely overkill for AAC Low Complexity, unless you're encoding surround and not stereo.
Opus / Re: Opus ReplayGain / Gapless?
Last post by lithopsian -
You'd have to be paranoid
Haven't heard anything about fixing gapless encoding in Opus.
Theoretically it's possible if you encode an album as 1 stream and then split it without transcoding - but I'm unsure if there's a tool which can do that properly. (IIRC it's not so simple because in a middle of a stream an Opus packet requires a few previous packets to be decoded accurately)
The tiny glitches, not even always audible, between Opus tracks that do not use the latest encoder are not quite the same as not being gapless.  Opus is inherently gapless and you'd have to go to special effort to put actual gaps between tracks.  I'd expect the glitches to still be present in Android, but it also depends what you use for encoding/transcoding.  See this thread for some more details.

So there shouldn't be a problem if I batch convert the whole gapless albums with the latest opusenc? That's what I do anyway, I batch convert the FLAC music folders.

lvqcl developer mentions in that topic: "If your input files are 44.1 kHz: try to resample to 48kHz before encoding". opusenc resamples to 48 kHz before encoding.
I don't think that was a general recommendation.  Opus will resample to 48 kHz (possibly less if you choose a ridiculous bitrate) but there isn't generally anything to be gained by doing it yourself.

Why not convert an album or two and see what you think.  I don't think you'll have a problem with the gapless playback.  Any glitches are extremely minor which is why it took so long to work out what the OP was hearing on the other thread.  I'm less confident about the replaygain, but it should be possible to get it to do what you want even if it takes a bit of experimentation.
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