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Support - (fb2k) / Re: %CONTENT GROUP% mapping error
Last post by Scaramouche -
However, there is a switch in advanced preferences (under Tagging) to suppress the remappings beyond the PUBLISHER/ORGANIZATION line, then you get (nearly) untouched passthrough.

With both settings in this switch ("more compatible with various software" / "compatible with old fb2k versions") new metadata filled in the "GROUPING" field are still written to the "CONTENT GROUP" field only. No chance to add metadata to GROUPING.
General - (fb2k) / foobar2000 v1.4 beta 21 release notes
Last post by Peter -
This is the last beta. Seriously. I mean it.

  • Worked around inability to check for fb2k & components updates on Windows XP systems over HTTPS.
  • Fixed a bug causing splitter UI element to change sizes of locked panes.
  • Amended workaround for audio stutters on Windows 10 1803.
  • Made changing ReplayGain mode through menu commands / keyboard shortcuts restart playback.
  • Fixed FTP reader bug causing certain files to fail to play.
  • Restored borders of Default UI toolbar visualisations.
CUETools / Re: Is Cuetools 2.1.7 working?
Last post by korth -
That should probably be the last post of the sticky thread then.
I'll add a shorter version as a last post.

When I run Cuetools and go to the Formats options, the decoder dropdown menu is blank and the only encoder available is flake.
I can duplicate the formats page you're seeing by blocking access to the plugins folder.
Could the new directory you extracted the files to require elevated permissions?
Could you try extracting to a different location and double-check that you extracted everything?

As I hinted above, Gregory should be back in about a week or so.
Scientific Discussion / Re: Help me understand why sound is one dimensional
Last post by jsdyson -
If a person has a picture of what they expect the sound field to be -- and then uses a singular real data point, aren't they really sustituting 'fake' (not necessarily invalid) effective data points for real ones? 
The more data points the better which, as I recall, is kind of why we moved from mono to stereo back in the 1950's. 

But please note that your ears have only two data points, yet you are able to hear a three dimensional sound field.  If two ears can do it, why can't two microphones?

Before reading -- note that there is a difference between 'HEARING' (includes the mental, head and ear characteristics) and 'SOUND' which is the pressure measurement thing.

Two microphones can do it just like two ears -- there is more information than just the simple math/physics of the sound field itself.  The brain can process directional hints like frequency response associated with outside ear/head shape, and also use mental imaging.

So, if you are talking about a computer without the brain power of the human/animal brain, then we are stuck with the the simple physics and a priori 'guesses'  (based upon expected environment.)

With all of the actual physics (without any mental imaging), plus mental imaging  available ot humans, there can be sythesized information that goes beyond the simple physics.  However, to be intellectually honest -- that information that the human brain can synthesize, the ability to use the shape/structure of the ears' environment and the hard-core physics of the environment -- that is GREATER than just the two sensors.  That is why more information can be gleaned.

So, one has to ask, are they talking about 'SOUND', or are they talking about 'HEARING'.  Hearing can gather more information (whether physically real or not), than just SOUND.

Those talking about 'imaging' beyond what can be gathered by math calculations based just on the two point sensors are really talking about HEARING -- not just SOUND.  This is probably where the confusion happens.

AAC - General / Re: QAAC: discussion, questions, feature requests, etc.
Last post by duchski -
I hope somebody still reads this topic. 
QAAC 2.67 writes a non-zero value to m4a file.  Is there any way to disable this feature or is there a tag/file editor that would be able to change that _bitrate tag to a 0?    I need that for... compatibility.

Thanks in advance

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