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General - (fb2k) / Re: beta v1.6 beta 17 - File ops - ? character is getting replaced with _ and others
Last post by felldownawell -
You're right. What I actually did was: (Not ideal I know but this mimics the behaviour I had before)

Code: [Select]

Thanks for this.  Simple, but it never occurred to me this would work on illegal character replacements.

Scrambles, I just wrapped the $replace around the whole file name pattern and it addressed artist and album tags just fine.
General - (fb2k) / Re: beta v1.6 beta 17 - File ops - ? character is getting replaced with _ and others
Last post by stevehero -
That's a damn good workaround, thank you for the suggestion. Files with artist or album tags that include a pipe are still going to be updated but that's a handful vs tens of thousands, so calling it a good solution.
 You also could do this:

Code: [Select]

This way you retain any underscores.
MPC / Re: Musepack in 2020
Last post by includemeout -

It's not really transparent by default, I've found it needs at least 2 workarounds:
1) need to adjust ATH per track using option ltq_gain based on track loudness (not really viable to do by hand, because each track needs a different value, so you'd need to script that; I wrote it already btw, can upload if someone's interested), otherwise it will delete too much stuff from very quiet tracks
2) it's easily ABXable on a "killer" sample "Fighter_Beat_Loop" even at maximum quality preset (and this sample sounds quite similar to sounds which can be found in some music genres), and I've found only 1 way to work around that (add `--nmt 18` option) which also raises bitrate quite a lot, making it harder to say it's competitive with modern codecs)

magicgoose, as you username is highlighted on the Musepack forum lately as their latest user addition, I wonder if you came across this post by Frank Klemm from which I quote the following as, IMO, fits the bill perfectly regarding your own adjusting of Musepack's quality settings:

Simply, there's usually a very high chance that using --quality 6 for example would give you better quality at a similar average bitrate to the one you got with the manually "tweaked" --quality 5.

That at least makes sense to me as I've been a relatively happy bunny with --quality 6 for the times (non electronic music mainly) I'm not using Wavpack hybrid.
Vinyl / Re: Vinyl outsold CDs for the first time since the '80s
Last post by includemeout -
And in the real world it's a niche - nothing more nothing less.
 In the real world which you appear to define as something that substantially doesn't exist in any tangible form?
It does. But you know such market is being kept alive more by its hobbyists' stubbornness/deep pockets (hipsters and the like, as rutra put it) than by any kind of innovation itself - which for any technology is something as unstable as the elation I'm certain luddites in the 19th century felt after wrecking another piece of cotton mill machinery.

Anyone could tell then and can now such "dances of victory" are not bound to last.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Crash... please help!
Last post by snotlicker -
Well that's the most useless response to anything I've ever asked.

If it crashes on startup without giving you a chance to do anything, then just say so. How about removing the component entirely and then see if the problem goes away.
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