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Audio Hardware / Old amplifier: low humming on one output, "bleeds through" to others too
Last post by ChronoSphere -
It's been 5 years since I was able to get my old Soviet amplifier working with your help. It hasn't popped a fuse since, but recently I noticed a low humming noise on the left channel. This hum is always present on all input channels to a certain degree except one, where the noise is much louder and is present on both channels.

I have tried disconnecting everything but the speakers, but the hum is still present. If anything, disconnecting the input cables actually makes the hum louder. What could be causing this?

I have the full schematic here. I've marked the input selector part of the schematic, do tell if you need more info.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: NO benefits from using ASIO ?
Last post by -
You're outputting through S/PDIF. Obviously, in this case the audio stream can't be altered because that would make some audio undecodable. I was talking about analogue output.
In Xonar family sound cards all audio output via WASAPI(regardless of the mode used)
Is what you claimed.  Anyway, still doesn't matter.  PCM over S/PDIF is not encoded.  LPCM "obviously" works perfectly fine being resampled and sent over S/PDIF (too basic a principle to get into).  I have put up a proof showing exactly the opposite of what you claim.  Others here have also, either by the same proof as mine, or saying the driver was poorly done.  You have put up nothing but your belief that it must be so because you, or someone on the internet, says it is. As demonstrated here, you are wrong.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Useful control panel keeps going off
Last post by Case -
It's the Universal Volume Control integration introduced in foobar2000 v1.4. In addition to appearing on the lock screen it will also pop up on the desktop when you use multimedia keys to control volume or playback state.

I don't remember seeing any other complaints about it working unreliably. Only known problem related to it is foobar losing multimedia key handling when out of focus sometimes for some people.

I believe Peter is sure the feature implementation is correct and believes all problems related to it come from the fact that the feature is used from desktop even though it's meant for UWP apps. Because of the previously mentioned media key handling problem it's now turned off by default since foobar2000 v1.4.2 beta.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Useful control panel keeps going off
Last post by anamorphic -
Hi there,

How curious, I've never seen this with desktop foobar. Did you perhaps download the mobile version from the Windows Store?

When you look at Windows Settings app > Personalisation > Lock Screen > and 'Choose apps to show quick status', what is the name of this music panel?

Cheers :)
General - (fb2k) / Re: Playlists synchronizing on remote location?
Last post by jaynyc -
Re-opening this topic.... similar question as @afx777   Ignoring a mobile device, assume I have 3 Windows PCs:
* music library exists at the same exact path on all PCs
* I want to be able to create and edit playlists on PC1, so that PC2 + PC3 will inherit those changes.  Then I may edit playlists on PC2, and want PC1 and PC3 to inherit this edit.

How are Foobar users doing this in 2019?

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by 3dyd -
Thanks for notification. #403 error should be fixed in latest beta.

Indeed, older version cannot be tested. Ok then, since playback works somehow, let's postpone investigation to 3.0 release. It has more options to try.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by musicmusic -
Columns UI 1.0.0 has been released. As a reminder, this removes Columns playlist and requires Windows 7 SP1 at a minimum. Read the release notes if you are upgrading from v0.5.1 or older.

Album list panel 0.4.0 beta 3 has also been released. This adds the ability to customise selection colours.

Downloads are available from
General - (fb2k) / Useful control panel keeps going off
Last post by ronan -
Hi all,
I use foobar2000 v1.4.1 on Win10 with no extra component except ASIO. When I play my music and go afk, I lock screen and get a useful control panel with "now playing" feature and controls to change track or pause/play. I find this feature very useful. My problem is that it's very unstable and goes off suddenly and goes back on few days later. I don't even see any reference to this feature in the documentation. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this feature and how I got it ? I send a picture of the control panel when my screen is locked and foobar is streaming some (good) music.
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