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General Audio / Re: How can I get into a wav/flac file to change the sample rate?
Last post by [JAZ] -
@zjxgjp :  You've come to the right place if you want to learn and to discern good versus bad practices. But this implies that you have to accept the ways to provide these evidences. The rule 8 of the terms of services and the use of ABX tests is the central part of this community.

Now, let's analyse your claims:
- 32bits is better than 24bits:  Truth is, there is no audio hardware capable of playing 24bits accurately. So 32bits cannot sound any better than 24bits because it cannot be generated by current hardware. (24bits means that it should claim at least 144dB of SNR)

- 16bits is like a "mosaic": Truth is, audio is not digitized in "dots". Sampling theory explains that in order to properly convert digital to analog again, a reconstruction filter needs to be applied and this filter is similar to your "resampling experiment".
This recent thread here on hydrogenaudio can give you some more understanding of the concept, especially the Video by monty

- Upsampling/downsampling as a mechanism to improve 16bits noise floor: It is usually a good practice to use a higher bit depth when resampling, in order to preserve the resampled signal as is.  But doing 16bits44Khz->24bits88Khz->24bits44Khz will not really improve the noise floor, even if the 24bit signal isn't exactly like the 16bit signal. There might be a measurable difference (with software), but it is questionable if it will sound any different.
General - (fb2k) / Re: How can I play only unplayed songs?
Last post by Daeron -
Facets uses query syntax so you can use it there as a filter.

To show tracks that have been played (either of these works):
Code: [Select]
%play_count% GREATER 0
%play_count% PRESENT
NOT (%play_count% MISSING)
This is not a valid query:
%play_count% NOT MISSING

To sort by %play_count%:
Code: [Select]
%play_count% GREATER 0 SORT DESCENDING BY %play_count%
%play_count% GREATER 0 SORT ASCENDING BY %play_count%
More info:

For tracks to be counted as played you need to continuously play them for at least 1 minute. You can check if foo_playcount is installed via 'File > Preferences > Components'. If you have other versions of playcount installed (that is not foo_playcount), remove them.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by alec.tron -
That does appear to be a bug.
Out of curiousity - if you can you reproduce iton your end - are there plans to fix or leave as is ?

Unfortunately, I have no plans to continue working on foo_discogs at this time. If I were to do so, I'd have to migrate my development environment to Linux which I now use exclusively.

Thanks for the info zoomorph - what a bummer... end of an era then, seemingly.
But, a lot more thanks for all the work you have invested in this component since you took over and have carried it for years!

Fingers crossed someone else with the skills required feels strongly about this and takes over from you some time - source is all here:
correct ?

Cheers & all the bestest!
Support - (fb2k) / Playback Crash
Last post by wolven -
Hi everyone,

Latest version of Foobar 1.6.2, win 10

Has anyone seen something like this error?:
Unrecoverable playback error: Output reported latency of 1:19:52.172

It happens when playing a few songs in a row, and than clicking pause on playback, wait few minutes and click pause/play button again, that's when the error happens.

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