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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: I want to make playlists without rearranging my entire album structure.
Last post by anamorphic -
Hi there,

Not sure why tracks are being moved for you. Dragging and dropping (either from Explorer or foobar library / playlists) should only be adding a link / copy, not removing the source. Tracks are grouped by tags, so unless you are changing the %album% tag, they should still be listed in library viewer as part of the album.

As to ease of adding individual tracks to a playlist, that depends greatly on your layout. ('Playlist Manager' helps)

I also don't like having to navigate an entire drop out menu in order to add a track to a playlist.
How are you currently doing it? Do you mean right-click > 'Add to Current Playlist'?

General - (fb2k) / Re: Feature request: How hard would it be to add a dark mode to Foobar?
Last post by anamorphic -
Agree x3. I must admit I've had the occasional daydream that if I had only taken C++ programing back in school, what I might do if I could make my own foobar components. :)) I have wondered if possible to replicate the DUI containers - tabs, splitters - exactly as they are but with an additional right-click option for 'Colors...'. The fact that no-one has done this in ~16 years since foobar entered the world, leads me to believe such a thing is probably not possible with the SDK, or without a complete reworking such as CUI. And if not possible by a third party, I think I would rather see our friendly developer continue to keep foobar functional rather than take time to change its form.

(This is a lot of supposition of course)

In any case, hope Microsoft can improve the dark mode themes for sure, without people having to use DLL hacks. That would be ideal.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Feature request: How hard would it be to add a dark mode to Foobar?
Last post by mjm716 -
1- Yes, I know Foobar follows the Windows 10 theme. But to make all the frames and scroll bars black you need to enable high contrast settings which look hideous.

I agree the built-in dark themes are a joke.

I recommend 'Window Blinds' - free demo to try and otherwise only $10. Now FB and ALL my apps are easy on the eyes.

(I have no connection to the developer other than being very satisfied with the product)
General - (fb2k) / Re: How to adjust the "File Operations -> Move To" order?
Last post by simcut -
Hi there,

Have a look in your foobar install / profile folder for a file called 'FileOps-Presets.txt' - this is where the presets are stored since v1.4. Try editing the order of items there. (Not sure if need to close foobar first)


Ah, fantastic, thanks so much, been crying out for this to be added for an eternity, can't believe I didnt notice sooner :D

Works a treat, closed foobar, just copied & pasted elsewhere in the txt file (and removed the old entry) and opened foobar again, voila! :)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: I want to make playlists without rearranging my entire album structure.
Last post by Le Croissant -
Thanks for your reply,

There is definitely something wrong with your foobar setup/plugin/skin. That is not default behavior.
I'm actually glad to hear that, because that means the issue might be fixable.

BTW foobar is very simple to use (one of the reasons I like it) but if you are using some custom made skin it can be very complicated.
I would suggest you to use default layout or make one that suits you most.
I'm not using any skins.

You can add files to any playlist you want by simple drag & drop from windows explorer.
But that's extremely inefficient. I don't want to have to leave foobar to add a track to a playlist. The ability to select a track and add it to a playlist is the most basic functionality of any music player.

And doesn't dragging & dropping in windows explorer remove the file from it's album? Or do you mean making a shortcut in a playlist?
MPC / Re: Just discovered this old gem of a codec.
Last post by The Irish Man -
 A new post on how great MPC is. [In 2019]
Reminds me of the old days here. circa 2002-2004.
Yes MPC was, & maybe still is one of the best codecs.


Vivid and accurate stereo imaging is thankfully also part of the package here. Sometimes a codec will alter the stereo field in some way and compress it, such that sounds are either smeared across a wider degree angle in the horizontal plane (an approximation of position instead of being rendered accurately), or they collapse into the centre (rendered as mono) if they are close enough to it

Which codecs & at what bitrate?
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