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AAC / Re: flac to aac help
Last post by Mark7 -
Hi, let us know what guide you used and which foobar settings you are using.

I'm using these settings:
- At "Commandline Encoder Settings" i'm using these parameters: -s -V 63 -i --no-optimize -o %d -
- "Encoder file" should point to the qaac.exe file.

Hope this helps :).

Oh, if you don't want to install iTunes, but you do want to use the aac encoder. Then you should download iTunes here:

Download from from the qaac site:

Extract to the same directory as "iTuned64Setup.exe", then start makeportable.cmd.

It should create 2 directories:

Then copy the QTfiles directory where qaac.exe is located.

Your qaac directory should contain these files now:

Same goes for the 64 bits version if you want to use that.
General Audio / Re: Do you keep "hi-rez" downloads as hi-rez, or do you convert?
Last post by Porcus -
That also reminded me of:
- to get a compatible (DSD???), future-proof format.
- not to get a too stupid resolution!

Yes. Conflicting priorities. Life is full of them.
I prefer to stick to the signal I got (MP3? I have a bias against lossy transcoding. 24/48k? I have a bias against lossy transcoding, but I can store as losslessly as FLAC. DSD? I have have a bias against lossy transcoding, but I can store as WavPack (... I think!). Real Audio/Cook? I have a bias against lossy transcoding.)
I prefer certain file formats over others. (MP3? Not a good file format, though there are worse on this list, and remuxing won't help much. 24/48k ALAC in MP4? Convert to FLAC. DSD? Not good. WavPack. RA/Cook? Loathsome, consider remuxing.)
I prefer compatibility. (MP3? More compatible as .mp3 than remuxed into a container. 24/48k ALAC in MP4? 24/48k FLAC is IMHO not only better, but also so compatible that I need not consider 24/48k WAV. DSD-ISO? Bad, even in WavPack. RA/Cook? Hate it, at least better in .mka where I can tag it.)
I prefer reasonable not too unreasonable resolutions. (MP3 at 32 kbit/sec? Sucks, but there is no way to improve it. 24/48k? Reasonable. DSD? Overkill, certainly. RA/Cook? Grrrrrr.)

Now for the "what to choose", you have to weigh pro et contra. Requires the ability to think twice.
What I actually do? MP3? I keep it. (Should be said, I have experimented with repacking just for fun, and I have never encountered a free-format in the wild.) PCMs up to 96/24? Convert losslessly to FLAC and delete the original.


"because I was curious".
By the way, the Kielland/Sergej Osadchuk file, which was not uploaded as CDDA, the smallest DSD (as WavPack) is "only" 25 percent larger than the  smallest PCM (as FLAC).

I guess [...] you'd

Going from making claims based on ignorance to making guesses based on ignorance - please keep on improving.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_onewaysync
Last post by Pok_Madui -
Why do you need to change how chars are replaced?
You're right, it cannot be done without modifying source code.

Well... I have some albums / songs with question marks and three subsequent dots in their titles, so I would have liked to have them similarly named to how foobar's file operations feature names them (as that's the standard for me and the way I've been using to sort my music accordingly until I came across your plugin).

General Audio / Re: Do you keep "hi-rez" downloads as hi-rez, or do you convert?
Last post by Teddy_the_barber -
* 32-bit floating-point and DSD files...
* 32-bit floating-point .wav files that the artist uploaded to Soundcloud. For whatever reason...
For whatever reason besides audio quality. I guess, if artist uploaded it as 384/32, you'd keep it that way. It's also worth nothing to mention that artist probably just doesn't have a damn clue and uploads "straight outta DAW" as is, cause "why bother?".
That also reminded me of:
- to get a compatible (DSD???), future-proof format.
- not to get a too stupid resolution!
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Looking for help (Am New)
Last post by Case -
The qaac frontend requires Apple's dlls. You don't say if you installed iTunes too or just downloaded it. It needs to be installed for the required dlls to be usable. And it has to be the classic iTunes downloaded from Apple's site - the new Windows 10 Store version can't be used for this.

Alternatively you can install 7-Zip and use makeportable script to extract the required dlls from the iTunes installer. Extract the script to the same directory where the iTunes installer is located and run it. When it runs properly it will write QTfiles and QTfiles64 directories that contain the needed dll files. You can copy or move the QTfiles directory inside the directory where Free Encoder Pack was installed and encoding will work.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Lagged playback problem
Last post by deadbeef -
Are you using WASAPI or ASIO?

And soundcard in exclusive mode?
Thanks for the hint. Output device was "Primary sound driver" (or something like that - my OS is in Russian, so I'm not sure this setting is called in English). I installed WASAPI output support plugin, so now otput device is "DS: Primary sound driver" and no lags so far!
I didn't select any of WASAPI modes because then fading options are unavailable and I really need them.

The only downside now is that I didn't have to spend 800 bucks to buy a new laptop =)
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