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General - (fb2k) / Help with simple playlist startup
Last post by m_explorer -
Hi - I really like f2k but it makes me a little crazy (or a littler crazier). 

What I really want is a simple, one click solution to playing music on my PC.  I have playlists, so what I want to do is:
1. Double-click on a playlist (Windows 10 - f2k is default player)
2. Have f2k open, load playlist and start playing

What I don't want to do is:
1. Double-click on a playlist
2. Go to f2k on the monitor
3. Click the first of the old tracks that were in f2k from last time
4. Shift+click the last of the old tracks
5. Right-click to a menu to remove tracks
6. Click Remove tracks
7. Click on first track to start songs playing

Am I out of luck with f2k? 

It seems as simple as two options:
1. Clear playlist on exit (which lots of people seem to be looking for)
2. Play song on open

Any help would be appreciated toward a 1-click solution


General - (fb2k) / Re: Boost bass to 0db like Electri-Q does
Last post by Larryg49 -
May anybody of you can test Electri-Q if its running with George Yohng .. that would be nice: 
    I have a pretty severe high-freq hearing loss and use Electri-Q to compensate in Foobar.
I think it's  a great equalizer, very transparent and i have detected no clipping, etc.   To that end, my curve is -10db, with max boost at 0db (as shown on the equalizer, I don't have any way to actually measure it.)    You can create any curve you desire with it.
   However, since the developer abandoned it, the program is very buggy - presets often don't work, and initial setup is not easy.
 Would be nice if the developer fixed the bugs, but I like it overall.
Works fine here with the Yeong wrapper.
General Audio / Re: Thunderous guitar pickup brings out a guitarist's inner bass player
Last post by andy o -
I don't play the electric much but I've been wondering if there's anything similar on a multieffects pedal or even an app or plugin for iPad/Windows software. I mean, there should be, right? It's kind of like the good old Harmonizer effect. I wonder why they say it's not available in pedals, which seems like the better place to put this kind of processing.
General Audio / Re: Wavelet-transform based audio codec
Last post by kode54 -
Yes, and the BPG format makes chroma subsampling less painful, by using a downsampling algorithm on creation, and upsampling algorithm on decode. It will still look bad where there are conflicting colors, but there won't be any blockiness to the red contrasts, for instance. Whether you get this with JPEG or not is entirely dependent on which JPEG decoder you use.
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