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General - (fb2k) / Re: Request: Titleformat $caps3()
Last post by j7n -
You probably could write a really long script with $strstr() searching for "! ", ". ", "? ", repeat each of them about three times for multiple sentences. Insert a unique 'marker' after the punctuation mark. Capitalize at the position found. Remove the markers at the end. For operations like this, I wish we had functions. But you also lose capitalization of proper nouns.

Maybe $capss() for "sentence" is easier to remember.
FLAC / Re: Best program to cut Flac files similar to MP3 Direct Cut?
Last post by j7n -
Direct cutting programs impose restrictions on the granularity of cuts and the visualization and zoom options are poor. For lossless files you don't need to suffer any of that. Decompress in an editor of your choice and cut.

You may need to disable Dither in the editor, if it expands the wordlength upon opening or cut operations, which I believe Audacity does. To verify that the inputs and outputs are the same, perform a null test by subtracting, and zooming in on the difference. Doing it on the first track is easy and probably sufficient.

My choice of cutting is with regions either in Reaper (also need to disable dither during rendering, and automatic clip fades) or in and old version of Sound Forge. But any good editor will do.

Another option is CDWave. It cannot perform any edit operations other than cutting, so you can't do them accidentally.
FLAC / Best program to cut Flac files similar to MP3 Direct Cut?
Last post by marcoxD95 -

I am looking for a program with that I can cut Flac tracks in a similar way like MP3 Direct Cut does with MP3 files.

I found a way in Audacity to do this but is this completely lossless? I am not sure whether the whole Flac track is re-encoded. I would like to avoid that so I have no quality loss at all.

Thanks. :)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by ricecake -
Discogs Authentication

From that URL:
If you do not plan on building an app which others can log into on their behalf,
so it's definitely not for this plugin.
Hmm, looking through the configuration and usage documentation at, I didn't see anything that needed access to a user's account information, since it looks like it's just doing lookups against the general catalog, not against a user's collection. The closest thing I found talked about fetching images, but the Discogs documentation implies it can also be done with Discogs authentication:
The Image resource represents a user-contributed image of a database object, such as Artists or Releases. Image requests require authentication and are subject to rate limiting.

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever have to construct an image URL; images keys on other resources use fully-qualified URLs, including hostname and protocol. To retrieve images, authenticate via OAuth or Discogs Auth and fetch the object that contains the image of interest (e.g., the release, user profile, etc.). The image URL will be in the response using the HTTPS protocol, and requesting that URL should succeed.
Am I missing something?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by TheQwertiest -
With foobar2000 starting up at 670-680 MB, beta 2fdc8be and the stable release both need at least 825-835 MB (but today it was 850-860 MB, just to make things more random!) before dropping to more or less 700 MB. Beta 6cc1cbd drops from 800-810 MB to 760 MB.
Mind though, that you should differentiate between total memory usage (i.e. via task manager) and SMP memory usage (via `window.TotalMemoryUsage`).

What is also hard to tell is how multiple panels, working together in a real usage set up, would actually perform: analytically speaking the single panel is better off with a lower peak, but a higher residual means that the overall uncollected garbage level is generally higher
Whatever the case it should not `leak` anymore. That is, SMP average memory usage should stay mostly the same.
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