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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Case -
By "applying" do you mean creating external tags or the commit function that writes the external tags back to the tracks?
I can't imagine either doing anything like that unless you use auto-sorted playlists and the names change. Creating external tags doesn't touch playlist, committing will alter playlist in case externally tagged file was wrapped behind exttag:// protocol. The wrapping is removed and file is placed in the playlist at the same position the original file was at.
General Audio / Re: K2 HD is the new crap around?
Last post by krabapple -
What do you hope to accomplish with this?  This about what you think and how you came about getting there.  This was never about what others can do.


At 4 minutes to conduct 10 trials I wouldn't say you can honestly claim the version you didn't like as well as being crap.

What excuses you are gonna give now?
I don't agree with ABX tests for the reasons already explained, but did it any way and pass. Not enough, you asked me to repeat the test again with your samples, altered by your standards, by your "rules", by the way you felt it should be done, and I pass it, again.

This is not about what "I think", but what I can hear and you people can't, simple as that. This doesn't make me special in any way, again, people are different, there is a lot of variables to make this possible, with the proper training, years of experience it only show that I've proof my point. If I only took 4 min, so what?
I've training and expertize in the field, I know what to look for.

You know what, is pointless to try to have a conversation, I did your way didn't I? Be a man, have the balls to admit it (I'm a woman by the way), I really can hear what I say I can.
Good luck to you, I'll not return to this forum anymore.

Your complaint was to the effect that 'K2HD sounds like garbage', which would imply there's something *intrinsic* to the K2HD mastering process that turns the audio to audible 'garbage'. What you've shown of the K2HD process, from promo literature,  is merely that it involves nonsensical 'restoration' of  nonaudible frequencies, which is not a thing that would audibly matter. Unless dynamic range compression -- severe, not mild -- is an intrinsic part of the K2HD mastering process, there's nothing you've shown that indicates K2HD processing itself is turning audio to garbage.  IOW, it's almost certainly just the usual mastering choice to compress the dynamic range.   It may in fact be part of the K2HD workflow, but there's nothing special about that, it's part of most mastering workflows these days.  And being able to ABX two different masterings is not rocket science.   Nor does it prove your point.  A proper test would be to take a CD recording, and apply either 1) the 'high frequency reconstruction' that K2HD claims to use  , or 2) the same dynamic range compression that was used in the 'garbage' version versus the less compressed version*.  Then ABX the original versus the processed, in a level-matched, time synched way.  ABX'ing (2) would not be a heroic achievement, btw.  It would give you a basis for saying why you preferred one versus the other.

Your idea about ABX and foobar2k are similarly malformed.

*Leaving aside too the strong likelihood of  EQ differences ion the audible range, between the versions you showed, beyond DR tweaking. Which is again standard, not anything special to K2HD.

General - (fb2k) / Pregap DSP - not working - tips?
Last post by Bruce-in-Philly -

I have the new PS Audio DirectStream DAC with the latest Snowmass release (as of Nov 12, 2018).  The DAC and new software release is fantastic BTW.  Something really special.

Ted, the designer, put in a short volume ramp up from 0 to avoid pops/cracks when the digital stream format changes.   I found Pregap DSP to introduce some silence while the ramp up occurs so I don't hear it.   However, Pregap DSP is not working for me.

Get Pregap DSP Here

Any tips for getting it to work?  I am running all the latest: Foobar v1.4, Pregap DSP v1.0.2.  I went into DSP Manager and activated it, then checked the boxes in the Tools/Pregap DSP.... restarted Foobar.... nothing, no effect.  

To trigger Pregap, I am playing a high bitstream DSD file from 2l, followed by AC/DC Girls Got Rythm.  Jarring, yes I know.  But the AC/DC tune starts immediately with no gap.  The Pregap delay is not working.

Any help?

Bruce in Philly
General Audio / Re: K2 HD is the new crap around?
Last post by krabapple -

I'm not saying that DBT is not important,it is, but you can't rely only on them to make decisions because our brains it's not binary, A or B, 1 or 0, our brain has too many variables to account for.
Here is Paul McGowan to share some light on the issue, the guy is CEO of PS Audio and share the same opinion:

Jeez, no.  Just stop.
AAC - General / qaac components
Last post by letme600 -
Hi all,

I've recently decided to encode all of my CD Flacs into Aac lossy format.

Qaac page is showing it is dependent(?) on various libraries.

My question is... Do I need to update Qaac and its components separately? (Apple support dlls for example)

Thank you in advance@!
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