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General - (fb2k) / Backup & Restore - nested playlists & keyboard shortcut issues
Last post by alec.tron -
I've just updated to 1.4.6, from an old 1.3* version portable, and I have the same problem:

Essentially I can't seem to find a way to restore my playlists... and since it's a few huindred, dragging, dropping & rescanning for each is not really an option.
Does anyone know the way around this ?
Copying the .fpl files from old "/playlists-v1.3" to new portable installs' "/playlists-v1.4" folder yields the folder structure (insie foo_plorg), but not a single playlist, and after shutting down foobar 1.4.6, the fpl "/playlists-v1.4" folder (that were copied from "/playlists-v1.3" folder of the previous installation), have been removed.

Secondly, and this has escaped me on every reinstall for the past years - where are custom hotkeys saved ?
I seem to have to recreate them every time by hand as well, once I update to a new clean install version... and there does not seem to be a file associated with them ?

Opus / Re: Something really terrible is happening when encoding 20Hz sine wave
Last post by saratoga -
anyhow mastered for general playback
these are highly subjective.

as well we could judge them purely by spectrograms
no. it's either ABX-able or not, it's that simple.

People usually expect ABX tests to be performed with real audio.  Using synthetic test signals, all manner of things can be ABXed, but if they don't matter then the test is less interesting. 

It sounds like here either there is some bug in the encoder, or if it is fundamental in how the frequency analysis works, they should just raise the high pass filter cut off a little. 
Opus / Re: Something really terrible is happening when encoding 20Hz sine wave
Last post by ajp9 -
First clip (the low frequencies of the song) sounds like a night club from outside. The latter sounds like a jetliner is also passing by in the sky.

Opus 1.3 is just not very accurate outside of the 33-17KHz range. In other tests I've performed, frequencies above 17KHz can be significantly messier than the input. So Opus is good for the most audible range of human hearing, and AAC is better at full range encoding.
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