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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Text Display (foo_textdisplay)
Last post by dgdsu -
Sorry for the dumb question but is text_display dead or dying? The release is quite old. What are the alternatives? Seems that $applink or $doclink etc. does not work no more ... The posted examples somewhere from the devloper in the docs just shows a {{app|someapp|link}} result ... not the link
Development - (fb2k) / Re: Can fb2k be controlled by externally sent Windows messages?
Last post by lucid_enigma -
Thanks. Maybe a command line call would be an easy enough adaption. 
Is there a guide anywhere to accepted parameters?
I know, I could look myself! I'm not being lazy, just operating from the slowest computer I've used in decades on this! :D
It takes minutes per page, times 10 for each extra tab open?!? smh
fb's been a bit of a godsend in being able to play music from a upnp server while I work on this pos laptop! 

EDIT: nvm, I see fb has a very welcome /? parameter! :D
Thx fb devs!
MP3 - General / Re: LAME conversion to MP3
Last post by Sunhillow -
Could one or two people offer an opinion as to whether the source WAV file and target MP3 file sound the same to an average listener? The files are 4 seconds each in duration, so it isn't too much work.
Taking the really horrible quality of your ADPCM WAV, the included MP3 does sound the same. Even the spectrum looks the same because of the very high bitrate.
Validated News / Exact Audio Copy v1.5
Last post by korth -
Exact Audio Copy v1.5 released



- Fixed a problem with M3U8 files
- Fixed a problem with Log file creation
- Fixed a problem in the AcousticID plugin

No new features. This release did address the following reported issues:
'[Test & ]Copy Image & Create CUE Sheet' and 'Copy Range' created an extraction log file that included the 1st encoder only *
EAC 1.4 produces faulty playlists
EAC v1.4 always writes log for 2nd compressor
General - (fb2k) / don't jump to first track when stopped after last playlist entry
Last post by RogerG -
Some version after 1.4.3 the behavior of foobar changed regarding what happens when you press the play button after the last track of a playlist has finished playing. For example in the default configuration foobar stops playback by itself after the last track. Then you press Play. Previously it would play that track again but with the new version it jumps to the first track of a playlist. It is annoying because every time that happens I have to switch to the foobar window and scroll down to the end of the playlist. Is there a way to get the old behavior back?
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