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Vinyl / Re: Vinyl outsold CDs for the first time since the '80s
Last post by Elias -
It's of course a serious disaster that vinyl is outselling CD. The only reason this is happening is because with vinyl, due to technical reasons (or technical limitations of the vinyl format, which in this case happens to be a good thing -- for vinyl), the record companies can't destroy the dynamic range of the music albums (and singles) they're selling, in order to make the music sound louder (aka the Loudness Wars). With CD and digital downloads, the record companies aren't limited by this restriction because CDs and lossless/lossy codecs aren't restricted to a specific loudness level, so with CD, DVD-Audio and so on, they can destroy the dynamic range just to make albums sound louder, and they have been doing so since the 90s. As such, vinyl while clearly an inferior format as far as sound quality and dynamic range are concerned, ironically have better dynamic range than CD today, mostly so anyway, although they've been trying to downgrade the dynamic range of vinyl as well in recent years, but due to technical differences from digital, they can't downgrade the dynamic range of vinyl to the same extent as they have done with CDs. This is quite ironic in any case as CD is definitely a superior format for sound quality and dynamic range compared to vinyl. While vinyl may have the full 192kHz frequency and CD only has 44.1kHz, that doesn't matter because we can't hear above 20kHz anyway, so CD is still far above the human hearing range.

Anyway, it's a sad day for us who care about music quality, that vinyl is outselling CD. Of course vinyl isn't outselling digital music in general (which CD is part of), but the issue here is that modern CDs are mastered with loudness in mind, whereas vinyl isn't and can't be due to technical limitations, which again is a good thing for vinyl but it's not a good thing for music in general, because CD and digital audio is a cleaner sound with superior dynamic range. Here's a good article about this issue:

The audible consequence has been that the 'volume' of pop, rock and other music recorded and released on commercial CDs has risen steadily since the late 1980s, with a corresponding reduction in dynamics and, in many cases, a trend towards a more aggressive and fatiguing sound character — all in an attempt to make each track as loud as or louder than the perceived competition. It's bewildering to think that the audio format that offered the greatest dynamic range potential ever made available to the consumer is now routinely used to store music deliberately processed with the least possible dynamic range in the history of recorded music!

Point is, the only reason vinyl is outselling CD is because most people today don't buy their music on physical storage media, and the few who do, buy vinyl because they know that the record companies haven't been monkeying with the dynamic range to the same extent as they do with their CD versions.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Automatic update feature, will fb2k ever support it?
Last post by Elias -

Use Microsoft Store version of foobar2000 if you want automatic updates. It's slightly delayed compared to normal releases, but you get releases that are more thoroughly tested since you can't revert to an older version.
Oh okay. I only run portable installations if it's available as an option, as I don't like screwing around with the registry if it's not necessary, plus I like to just resume running the programs I have installed after a clean install of Windows, by having them installed in a different partition than C: to begin with, so after a clean install of Windows, I don't have to reinstall everything all over again and redo all the settings and so on. Portable installation is awesome and I'm glad that fb2k supports it. Why can't foobar2000 support automatic updates though, for those of us who prefer portable? Is it too complicated code-wise?

I appreciate the quick reply in any case, and btw, please have a look at this other thread I started about two weeks ago, it would be great if you could send out a quick fix for this Android issue:

I understand you're busy and all but this one shouldn't be too much work to solve.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Can foobar2000 display album art using your ICC profile?
Last post by jaynyc -
@TheQwertiest thank you so much for looking into this.    I think the general assumption is that album art files are default sRGB even if untagged.  To your point about the rest of Foobar not being ICC aware, that doesn't really matter much, because the only visual item where color&contract integrity is actually important is the album art.  That's why your Component has such potential here, because it could potentially render it's panel as ICC aware, regardless of what the rest of Fooabr is or isn't doing.
Last post by zRaptor -
I modified the makeportable for support for the new version of iTunes.  ;)
I used your cmd for conversion. It is faster, displays fewer messages on the screen.

I noticed that the DLLs are 1k less than the makeportable2 version.

Congratulations on your work and collaboration!
Thanks Wagner! It's a pleasure to be of help to nu774 and the community.  ;)
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