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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by racerxnet -
This should dump the cache when closing foobar so that it does not continue to take up hard drive space. It can reload the metadata if selected again by the user. Also, I get a persistent 403 error after playing 1 video. Closing and reopening Foobar allows me to select 1 new video. Anyone have ideas?

I am on the latest Foobar iteration and Beta for Foo_youtube.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spotify Integration (foo_spotify)
Last post by richard3840 -
Hello, and thanks for a great component. :-) I like having Spotify songs in foobar since there's more freedom regarding customizing the UI among other things.

I have been looking at whether it would be possible to save the information about the Spotify song in a file, like how foo_youtube stores song metadata as ".foo_youtube" files.

The foo_youtube file type is just a text file, containing the Youtube URL and metadata applied to the song. By default they are stored in the "%AppData%\Roaming\foobar2000\foo_youtube\cache" directory, but they can be moved.
foobar2000 handles it in the media library like any other song placed in a monitored folder. Like a song file that must be "decoded" by the foo_youtube component.

That's something i tried with foo_spotify, but wasn't able to. Maybe because it stores song metadata differently.
It would be great if it was possible since you would then be able to search for the song in the media library, and have it included in autoplaylists etc..
General - (fb2k) / Re: Abnormal font display in property window
Last post by j7n -
On normal Windows OS the tab headers are always displayed in Microsoft Sans Serif at a fixed height, while the rest of the interface has a selectable font. It's a slight cosmetic inconsistency, which I mentioned when the properties dialog was changed. It is less noticeable on NT6 against Segoe UI.
Audio Hardware / Re: Dedicated USB-C headphone cable/adapter for iPhones?
Last post by andy o -
Also many USB-C headphones have a DAC though. I would say probably most, unless you get a specific phone OEM branded one whose phones don't have digital output from the USB-C port. This was a problem some time ago, but I'm not sure how much of an issue is now. FWIW all Google Pixel phones don't support analog through USB, they all do digital.

Regarding the OP, the easiest way to solve it would be to just get a Lightning headset and then get a female lightning to male USB-C adapter. I've done that with the Libratone Q-adapt lightning and the Anker adapter.

I think the reason there appears to be no female USB-C to male Lightning adapters is the same reason there are no "legal" female USB-C to male USB-A or B adapters. Since USB-A and B (and Lightning) are directional, it could be dangerous to be able to build a straight cable (not hub) that's A-to-A, B-to-B or L-to-L. You can build L-to-L with the Camera adapter but I think that behaves more like a one-port hub than a straight adapter, similar to USB-OTG which is another specific exception.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion
Last post by widerock -
I've got the following error message whenever I've restarted my foobar "after exiting foobar during still playing some music video from Youtube.

Error: Spider Monkey Panel v1.3.1 (YouTube Track Manager v4.1.3 by WilB)
cur_handle is null

File: <main>
Line: 3415, Column: 55

Stack trace:

It's OK when the yttm is on the backside
The error appears when the yttm is on the frontside among many UI elements.

I can still enjoy your great yttm after reloading the script. But, I'd like to know if there is any good solution for this problem.
General Audio / Re: Medieval CUE Splitter
Last post by korth -
The program does have an option (enabled by default) to prevent overwriting of existing CUE, M3U and audio files.
With this option disabled it would be possible to destroy the original CUE file.
I would think Windows (and the file mask) would prevent an Image (audio) file from being overwritten.
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