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General Music Discussion / Re: Greatest hits differences with original albums
Last post by greynol -
Somewhere I remember reading that DVDs have 24bit depth and CDs are 16 and this was the reason.
Don’t believe everything you read.

In terms of subjective opinions, they aren’t exactly welcome on this forum.  Yours would be such a case.
See rule #8.

Testing this hypothesis is straight forward: you take a 24-bit file, convert it to 16-bit with triangular shaped dither, pad back to 24 bits and then compare them using a proper double-blind protocol. 
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Soundproblem in WASAPI-Mode
Last post by UncleReaper -

even with the newest beta this problem still exists.

The strange thing is, it does not happen all the time, Just randomly.
Today i booted the machine, started foobar immediately and hit the play button: no sound output.
This time after just moving my mouse cursor over the loudspeaker icon in the task bar, the plop-sound came and it played just fine.
I have the latest Realtek driver from asus and installed all windows 10 updates. Also i keep my drivers up to date at all times.
This seems to be a minor problem..But it bothers me.
I feel totally ok with my internal soundcard and the optical output.
I hope the solution to this problem will not be to buy an internal pcie soundcard.
Is there a possibility to submit system logs, driver logs or whatever to that a developer can have a look at it:
If yes, which ones?
By the way, even or push mode have the same problem.
I know it is only a minor problem, but anyway..Ideas are welcome.
AAC / Should I use "qaac" instead of "fdk" because my audio source is 24 bit?
Last post by pr0m3th3u5 -
"qaac" reportedly uses 32 bit float internally where as "fdk" uses only 16 bit integer.

Now lets put aside the fact that one of them might be more efficient than the other. So when using a 24 bit source is there a reason to use "qaac" instead of "fdk"?

Is doing 24 bit -> 16 bit as much of a sin as transcoding?
General - (fb2k) / Re: Version 1.5 beta change log
Last post by Peter -
Beta 21
  • Fixed beta 20 crash bug regressions related to changing DSP settings.
  • Fixed resampler DSP crashing when asked to resample to 0 Hz.
  • File Operations: added pause.
  • File Operations: more consistent behaviors when cancelled while moving files.
  • File Operations: made file modification time etc transferred when copying files.
  • Fixed flashing current-item display in generic progress window.
  • Included new Visual Studio runtime libraries.
Opus / Re: Huge bitrate differences while using VBR
Last post by magicgoose -
Opus set at 96 kbps and VBR, which was essentially the default. And the bitrates are all over the place, one album all songs have above 200 kbps and another barely over 100 kbps
There's nothing wrong with that, it's OK. Some things are easier to encode with that quality level.
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