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FLAC / Re: What is currently the best/most optimized FLAC build for modern AMD CPUs?
Last post by MrRom92 -
There is a GPU FLAC encoder:

Very interesting! So FLAC ideally would be encoded using the GPU? Is it still much more suited to encoding this way even when compared to newer CPUs?

In CPU encoding, it is the core count that realistically dictates how many instances of the encoder you can have running at once (useful for batch operations)

What is the equivalent metric for a GPU encoder? Considering they don’t have what are traditionally referred to as cores, AFAIK
General - (fb2k) / USB Rotating Volume Control Pop-up window
Last post by pstrg -
Installed a simple device - a USB rotating volume control.
It's very handy in that it provides a quicker and more intuitive way of controlling volume that mouse-operated sliding cursors.

Every time I mess with it while playing music with fb2k, a pop-up window appears:

It shows, besides controls and albumart, two lines of text: %title% (in large font) and %composer% (in small font).
It disappears in a few seconds if the mouse is not over it.

Which foobar feature is providing albumart, title and composer data and how to customize that window?
Have until now only been able to note that unchecking Preferences > Advanced > Display > Integrate with Windows 10 Universal Volume Control disables the pop-up window.
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: exhale - Open Source xHE-AAC encoder
Last post by NetRanger -
I just finalized version 1.0.8 ("i" release, Git commit 8b56192), there was a very minor editorial issue where a "downsampling to 32 kHz" notification print-out was missing when encoding 48-kHz audio at CVBR mode 0. So no changes to the encoding process itself since the release candidate above. I'll tag this release tonight.

Don't forget to att v1.0.8 to
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