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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Find bands with multiple genres
Last post by 80sMetalForever -
Well you can't do that with any kind of search. Everything is evaluated per track.

However, you should be able to achieve something close to what you want with foo_facets. First pane should be artist, the second should be genre. Now right click the artist pane column header and enable statistic>sub items. Then click that column header to reverse sort so artists with the most genres appear first.
Subitem just showed 0 for everything but regardless this helped as I just look for Artists with multiple entries in the Artist column - thx!
Vinyl / Re: Any Vinyl ABX Test via ADC/DAC been performed?
Last post by blueoris -
Great comments, very informative.

My take away is that both formats will be distinguishable due to all those quirky things in LPs  getting in the way, except when in some special circumstances -  like ajinfla's test or vinyl's CD copies - the differences could be small enough to make it very difficult stablish the differences.
Off-Topic / Is noise pollution killing whales and dolphins?
Last post by 2tec -
Humans create a lot of noise in the ocean - from sonar and seismic exploration, to pile-driving when building wind farms; but how might this affect sea life? Thousands of whales and dolphins die every year after becoming stranded on beaches. Dr Maria Morell, from University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, studies their ears to try and work out if hearing damage led to their death. ~
Audio Hardware / Re: HDMI audio doesn't start playing immediately
Last post by Peter -
One known solution is to have some app playing digital silence all the time through the offending interface. That fixed the problem with my own nVidia/HDMI rig doing exactly what you describe.

The keep-alive apps linked above should help. Though you can just run any audio player looping silence.
General - (fb2k) / Is there some way to add input in scripts?
Last post by kwanbis -
Hi guys. It´s been a while since I posted here, and maybe this is already solved.

I have a list of scripts that I use to modify my music file´s tags.

One for example is to replace some text on the album field for another text.

So I have this:


So if I want to replace string XXX by string YYY I have to edit this string like this:


Is there any way to have foobar ask me for THIS and TOTHIS?

Something like this:

[$trim($replace($meta(album),$prompt('Input original string'),$prompt('Input new string')))]

Thank you!
General - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain reference level and loudness compensation
Last post by j7n -
Dialogue in movies has a reference level. Movies could have a variable amount of sound effects and music that accompany the speech. As a shortcut, you could get the dialogue normalization level of a movie by analyzing the center channel of a surround stream. The current replaygain scanner uses K-weighting, which emphasizes the annoyance factor of higher frequencies. White noise measures about 3 db louder than 1 kHz tone with same unweighted power.
Scientific Discussion / Re: A question about MP3 and Vector Quantization
Last post by the_g -
Thank you very much.
So it means that I cannot do a comparison between VQ and MP3 since the first one has a lower MSE but the quality of the compressed audio is not as good as the one obtained with the MP3 (that has an higher MSE but a definitely better quality due to the psychoacoustic model).
I'm trying to make a Rate-Distortion plot between these two compression techniques but I guess it's useless...
Is there any way to plot a comparison between these two techniques?
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