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Topic: foobar2000 Soulseek Now Playing dialogue: can you help make a plugin? (Read 2077 times) previous topic - next topic

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foobar2000 Soulseek Now Playing dialogue: can you help make a plugin?
Hi there,

I started to feel like I needed a fresh new crispy player, like Banshee.
But I have stuck it out with Foobar and customized it back into my heart.

Two things I feel are missing:

A Recently Added or New Songs Column or A Tab in Playlist manager to sort new music from things I've had for years.

~ A Soulseek Chatroom Now Playing Plugin that sends track information to Soulseek NP input chat field /

If you need any ideas, check out Nicotine+ and how it handles multiple players and settings for this function.

Nicotine+ is a Soulseek based client for Linux mostly and music players like Amarok, Banshee, Winamp.etc work.

I spoke with a developer type person and they said that they are looking into this for SoulseekQT.
But I would; and the developer mentioned the main front-man of Soulseek loves Foobar2000 and would be interested in this.

Other Input:

Lastly now that i'm using Foobar2000 much more closely after adding all the components and UI panels I want...

I have noticed how finicky the now playing list is or non-existent essentially. If I click on an artist in Album List,
my main Playlist view automatically stops showing my current playing items.

This may sound like I need to add additional UI panels.... trust me, I have multiple instances in Tabs and so on.

What this means is I have a song playing I accidentally clicked, or I can't tell if it it playing my playlist...
But it will only show the active item in the albumart/properties panel and I can't find where, out of all the lists it is playing from.

Is there a way to have a Now Playing list that is stead fast and cannot be clicked away when you browse music.

I even have the PlaylistKeeper component added on. I can't describe the problem very well sorry,
because it is more of a usability complex issue. The interface isn't being friendly I feel...

There should be more distinction between all the searches for Tracks, Playlist organizing and Building;
With the Music I am currently playing.

*Even if I have it in a playlist saved I don't want to have to click it back up.

~ Casper the Anemone

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foobar2000 Soulseek Now Playing dialogue: can you help make a plugin?
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1. you need foo_playcount, then make an autoplaylist: %added% DURING LAST <whatever time span you want>
2. you need foo_esplaylist, then throw it in some panel: right click > Playlist > (untick) Follow active Playlist
instead choose Follow NowPlayling Playlist
or you could also lock it to a specific playlist

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foobar2000 Soulseek Now Playing dialogue: can you help make a plugin?
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Foobar2000 Soulseek Now Playing Dialogue
can you help make a foo_slsk_np component?

Your thread is not about this exclusively, or even initially, and contains numerous other questions unrelated to Soulseek or any other third-party plugin; these should have been posted in General. Please do not just lump everything under one name and expect people to guess what it all is.

foobar2000 Soulseek Now Playing dialogue: can you help make a plugin?
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I will separate them better in future,
but I thought the title was self explanatory...
And anyone that could make a slsk now playing component,
I assumed would just bring up the discussion.

Where as I don't know enough about it, more than what I put in the title.

^^ but should have addressed it first

then make an autoplaylist:

I can't find where to do this.. swear i've seen autoplaylist some where before. Is it in preference menu?
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