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CDex: how to use external Lame?
Hello guys, i've just had the same problem this summer but i still have the same problem.

I have many 320cbr mp3s and i whant to convert all of them to V2 because they are too heavy.
I HAVE to do it so don't tell to not to do it please.

I've just downloaded lame 3.99.4 (new version from today).
The internal lame in cdex 1.70 b4 is 3.98 from 2009, i whant to use the latest version.

Everytime i set the external lame encoder and i try to convert it appears the converting windows but it remains open only for 0.1 seconds and nothing happens.

What I have to do/set to make it work?

I have windows 7 ultimate x64.

Thank you!

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CDex: how to use external Lame?
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Are you trying to convert your 320kbps MP3s to V2, or are you re-ripping your CDs to V2?

It's better if you can re-rip your CDs, and make yur new MP3 from an original non-lossy source,  but I don't use CDex so I can't help you with that.  (I use EAC.)

For converting betwen formats, XRECODE is easy to use.  HydrogenAudio has a list of LAME Front-Ends[/u], or Audacity can do it.

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CDex: how to use external Lame?
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I'm trying to convert my 320kbps mp3s not reripping.

I don't care to use cdex or another program, i use cdex only because i know that this program can do it.
So, if with cdex it's not possible to use lame 3.99.4 can someone tell what program i have to use to convert a 320kbps mp3 to a v2 with latest version of lame??

CDex: how to use external Lame?
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You should be able to update CDex to the latest LAME encoder version by replacing the 3.98 lame_enc.dll file in the CDex folder with a copy of the 3.99 version.

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CDex: how to use external Lame?
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That only updates the internal encoder. The OP wants to use the external encoder (i.e. the exe).

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CDex: how to use external Lame?
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If i just replace the internet lame_enc.dll with a new dll the program isn't able to find an internal lame encoder, the option just disappears...
I relly don't know how to do...

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CDex: how to use external Lame?
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Go to, from MP3 -> LAME Bundles download last bugfree version from 2012-01-30 and try it.
Hope you will succeed!
BTW, don't forget that your lame.exe must be "visible" for CDex.
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