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Source code

Code: [Select]
Resampling 44100 Hz WAV (total length: 49:16.320) to 11025 Hz

PPHS (Normal): 942.989x realtime
PPHS (Ultra): 178.291x realtime
SoX (Normal): 920.140x realtime
SoX (Best): 710.291x realtime
Speex (Q0): 1037.345x realtime
Speex (Q3 - VoIP): 540.334x realtime
Speex (Q4 - Default): 444.844x realtime
Speex (Q5 - Desktop): 381.972x realtime
Speex (Q10): 74.390x realtime

was done mainly to see what libspeex's resampler is like, nothing more.
Requires SSE, though I doubt thats a problem these days....


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Hi. I've got some strange clicks on a left chanel after converting this sample to 32-bit float/48 kHz with spxresample (quality 10).

🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine!



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Hmmm, sample's 404ed. Any chance of a link, so I can forward the problem to jmvalin?


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Hmmm, sample's 404ed. Any chance of a link

Any stereo signal is enough. For example, sweep://10-22000,50 and "Convert mono to stereo" DSP before the resampler.

so I can forward the problem to jmvalin?

I'm not sure that the problem is in speexdsp lib. Several months ago I took SoX resampler plugin and replaces SoX with Speex library, and it works without problems.


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k, thanks, must be a issue then with my buffering...


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k, a year later, was buffering indeed. fixed in Git.