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Help with CueTools and burning
I have .wav files from a cd that was ripped a long time ago.  I don't know what it was ripped with.  When I load the files in Cuetools and verifiy them I get this..

AR: offset 33, rip accurate (12/12), CTDB: verified OK, confidence 83, or verified OK, confidence 13.

What do I do with the offset of 33 to get a perfect burned copy of the cd?
I usually use EAC to burn my cd's from my own non-compliant cue sheets.  My drive has a read offset value of 6 so in EAC in the drive write options I put in a -6 to compensate.  I tried changing it to -33 for this perticular disc to burn but when it was done and I re-ripped it Accuraterip says it cannot be verified as accurate so I must be doing something wrong.  Any help would be great.


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Help with CueTools and burning
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Your drive offset in EAC & the offset in CT from another drive are not the same thing. You cannot use one to fix the other...

It seems your CD was ripped by a drive with non-corrected +33 offset. Use CT fix offset feature & then burn with your correct drive offset.
I haven't burned in a while but that should do the trick, AFAIR.

Your CD might be accurate but in the end without a CUE Sheet you will never know for 100% sure if your CD is a perfect copy (Outside of raw audio data).
For exemple the original CD might have pre-emphasis which you will never know. Those cases are very rare but exist.

That gave me the idea that maybe CTDB should store pre-emphasis flag info for dummy cue, just like data track length.

Edit: Why is this in the upload forum ?
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Help with CueTools and burning
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Never heard of a drive with an offset of 33 samples and I doubt anyone else around here has either.

With that in mind, why correct what is a perfectly good rip just to match a particular pressing that you don't own?
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Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?