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For discussion please use this thread.

Current version:
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Previous versions:
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  • switching through the sliders with tab now also changes the current band in the combo box
  • fixed menu conflict

  • added entry to View menu (can also be used to open the EQ with a keyboard shortcut)
  • small interface tweaks (tab order, spelling)
  • print supported/chosen SSE version in console on startup

  • fixed seldom stereo mode volume control crash

  • fixed bug with higher sample rates

  • fixed stereo mode volume control crash

  • fixed import/export file dialog default directory

  • fixed gain-only (flat sliders) CPU load in stereo mode

  • experimental stereo mode (independent equalization for left/right channel)
    this mode only works if the audio data has exactly two channels (fallback mode: mono)
    note that this new mode causes changes in the preset format so please backup (export) your presets before updating if you want to be able to go back to v0.2.x
  • gain-only adjustments in stereo mode cause some (unnecessary) CPU load, will be fixed in the next version
  • new band combobox replaces the stupid [<] and [>] buttons
  • fixed rounding bug when entering gain values

  • reduced number of allocations
  • reduced copying of audio samples
  • experimental SSE, SSE2 and SSE3 optimizations (chosen automatically depending on your CPU)

  • master gain edit control is now editable, allows users to enter master gain directly
  • change band and update band gain automatically when user adjusts sliders
  • update displayed master gain correctly after importing a preset
  • code cleanup

  • import/export from/to .xgeq files added
  • band gain edit control added, allows users to enter gain directly
  • fixed tab-order
  • changed gain range to +-12 dB
  • changed gain resolution to .1 dB
  • fixed sliders being off one tick due to rounding errors
  • some internal tweaks here and there

  • improved CPU load scaling with simple configurations
  • fixed noise bug with extremely short input files
  • fixed high CPU load despite flat sliders
  • configuration changes get applied periodically during user interaction
  • resizable configuration window
  • left-click: slider thumb jumps directly to mouse position
  • right-click: slider thumb is reset
  • sliders don't capture the mouse anymore

  • fixed interaction between adjacent band filters
  • fixed a bug that resulted in a chopped off impulse response for certain configurations
  • improved slider "scrolling" behaviour, each mouse click or page up/down now causes a +- 1 dB change

  • Initial release
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I really like your DSP much better than the original one, great work.

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EDIT: Pasted this in the discussion thread instead. I just realised I'm on the wrong thread.
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