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  • wuselwusel
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m4b Chapters
Hi, is there an option to show chapters of m4b-files? I searched but didnt find any actual results so i want to ask if there is any progress.

  • Danyrail
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m4b Chapters
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i don´t know if there is a solution, if you found a solution to show chapters.
I do have audiobooks in *.m4b. I can play them using foobar, but its not possible to switch between chapters. How can I do that? I can´t see any button or menu entry. The file does have chapters, with chapter-covers, i can see and use booth in quicktime.
Thx for any help.
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  • John Doe
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m4b Chapters
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I just tried to find information about m4b and foobar2000 support.
Unfortunately there seems to be only ONE information:

Fb2k plays m4b but without chapters.

All threads about that topic died quickly.

I am really suprised about missing m4b chapter support!

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m4b Chapters
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Yes, fb2k doesn't support QuickTime style chapters used in m4b audiobooks;
However, you can convert it to Nero style chapters, which fb2k can read.

1. Download from here.
2. Remove title tag of m4b if present.
3. Run mp4chaps.exe in the mp4v2 archive like the following:
mp4chaps -c -N path\to\your\audiobook.m4b

With this command line, Nero style chapters are created from QuickTime style chapters and appended to the m4b file. Original QuickTime style chapters are still there, and iTunes/iPod will be able to read it.
Without step 2, fb2k will show duplicated title for each chapters (instead of chapter name).

  • John Doe
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m4b Chapters
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Didn't try it yet, but thank you so far!