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Topic: Flac, 'DOS box' different with certain files..why? (Read 2029 times) previous topic - next topic

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Flac, 'DOS box' different with certain files..why?
I  had no idea how to put this into a somewhat more obvious topic title.
Recently i switched to flac from ape, i use the recommended versions and flagdrop.
Drop a file on flagdrop and a command window opens....doh.
The strange thing is, probably completely innocent, sometimes while the file compresses i get to see only the command line options it's using and one line with with file name, progress in % and ratio, this all stays on the 2  lines it starts out at...and only the % and ratio changes.
At other times though i get the normal line with command options used but instead of the one line  with % and ratio i get a new line every 1/3rd of a second orso with file name, % completed and ratio...line after line after line.
Why this difference?

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Flac, 'DOS box' different with certain files..why?
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The author of FLAC knows about this issue (see here). It's doesn't influence encoding, but i also hope that it gets fixed someday.

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Flac, 'DOS box' different with certain files..why?
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It's just scrolling because the console isn't wide enough to hold all the output on the one line.

Stretch the console horizontally and it will stop happening if the text will fit in the new size