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Grip + FLAC question

Hey there.  I have Grip working perfectly (in Ubuntu) with FLAC, but the command line I'm using doesn't seem to allow me to change the compression level of the FLAC files it encodes.  The final size of my files seem like they could be smaller than they are.  Here is my current command line...
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-V -o %m %w -T "ARTIST=%A" -T "TRACKNUMBER=%t" -T "ALBUM=%d" -T "TITLE=%n" -T "GENRE=%G" -T "DATE=%y"

As I said, this works perfectly.  I'd just like to know what I would change in this command line to enable me to choose the compression level of the FLAC file that gets encoded.

Grip + FLAC question

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Hi, as is usual with gzip/bzip2, flac has -1 to -8. (There was some talk here about the possibility of adding -9 as well.)

I'd like level 8 compression.  So, I'm assuming that I just add a -8 somewhere in the command line.  Where do I put it?  Or does it matter?

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