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Lame versions and alphas - READ THIS!

NOTE: The most up-to-date information can be found on our LAME Wiki page.

You should always use the latest stable LAME version for best results. The following information will be kept here for reference only.

Lame Versions:

3.90.3 -> Dibrom's unofficial but heavily tested compile for use with alt-presets. Developed and tuned by Dibrom with help of many original members of this site in late 2001 establishing "the most concise, well tuned, and most thought out MP3 quality paradigm" at the time.

3.92 -> Practically same functionality as 3.90.2 but compiled using different compiler options, which may lead to very small quality differences. --alt-preset cbr/abr modes go down to the low bitrates. Eg. --alt-preset 40 (abr 40kbps).

3.93 -> Do not use!

3.93.1 -> fixed 3.93 with working --preset support, but not as tested as 3.90.2. --preset fast gives too high bitrates. Fixed broken -q0 in 3.93. --alt-preset and --preset are now the same. Somewhat untested "--preset medium" -profile.

3.96/3.96.1 -> This version was evaluated in comparison to 3.90.3 here. Featured an improved VBR preset system. [/i] 3.96.1 fixed a bug in the new (fast) VBR mode. See this thread about the new VBR preset system.

3.97 final -> Recommended. UPDATE: Use the latest stable version, this version is outdated now.
Juha Laaksonheimo