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preset-standard -Y vs preset-medium


used the search-function to find something about that, but did't find anything usefull.

So, can anyone tell me how big the differences between preset-standard -Y and preset-medium is (using LAME 3.93.1)? Which one is higher in quality and which one gives bigger files? What's the average bitrate of each setting?


preset-standard -Y vs preset-medium

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Also, the "preset medium" is simply a hardcoded commandline. --alt-preset standard -Y generally sounds much better because it utilizes algorithms that are not accessible from the commandline switches. The medium preset wasn't intended for transparency either.

While not being completely false, this is not completely accurate either. --preset medium utilizes --preset standard and also benefits from its code level tweaks.

Personally I'd only use --alt-preset standard -Y if you are aiming for bitrates around 160kbps and use the ABR presets for anything below.

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preset-standard -Y vs preset-medium

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I don't remember the exact numbers, but --preset medium yielded much  lower bitrate files than aps -y using my music.

I seem to remember them being in the 140bps to 160bps range. APS-Y was in the 180bps to 210 bps range for me.
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