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Topic: Crash with ID3lib 3.8.3 - Any clues? (Read 2113 times) previous topic - next topic

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Crash with ID3lib 3.8.3 - Any clues?
I'm one of the two developers of kMule, a recent eMule fork. We are currently working on improvements concerning the multimedia functionalities of eMule, using ID3lib.

Now we have this code:

Code: [Select]
ID3_Tag::Iterator* iter = myTag.CreateIterator();
delete iter;

Calling the destructor immediately (and reproducably) crashes - in the ID3lib, not in our code.

Stack trace:

Code: [Select]
kMule.exe!std::list<ID3_Frame *,std::allocator<ID3_Frame *> >::_Orphan_ptr(std::list<ID3_Frame *,std::allocator<ID3_Frame *> > & _Cont, std::_List_nod<ID3_Frame *,std::allocator<ID3_Frame *> >::_Node * _Ptr) Zeile 1533 + 0x8 Bytes C++
kMule.exe!std::list<ID3_Frame *,std::allocator<ID3_Frame *> >::clear() Zeile 1102 C++
kMule.exe!ID3_TagImpl::Clear() Zeile 137 C++
kMule.exe!ID3_TagImpl::~ID3_TagImpl() Zeile 124 C++
kMule.exe!ID3_TagImpl::`scalar deleting destructor'() + 0x16 Bytes C++
kMule.exe!ID3_Tag::~ID3_Tag() Zeile 305 + 0x25 Bytes C++

Any clues?
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