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Lame And Xing Header Specs

I know i've found it before, and i'm sure its in someplace but i can't find it right now... Where is the specification for the LAME header?

I'm writing an MP3 parser class in Java, fyi - i'll open source it when i'm done.

Lame And Xing Header Specs

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thanks, buddy

Lame And Xing Header Specs

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This is a related-enough topic (I hope) that I'm adding it here.

Does anyone know of a program that lets you manually add a VBR header time?  I've tried a few fixer applications and they don't always get the time exactly right.  I KNOW the time, and for a few files I could enter it manually.

Or if there is a foolproof VBR header fixer program out there, that would probably work as well.

I haven't looked at the VBR specs in detail so I don't know how much data is involved (possibly enough to be a hassle).  It's curious that modern players that don't require a VBR header get the time info right, but the VBR fixers out there don't always get it.

I've tried VBRFIX, VBR Header Maker, and one or two other random ones.

(Even removing the headers altogether and replacing them -- as some of these fixers do -- doesn't work so maybe they're screwy encodes.  But as they play fine I'm certainly not going to reencode them.  Ordinarily it wouldn't matter so much but in this case I'd like to try to get them right if possible.)

Lame And Xing Header Specs

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foobar's Fix MP3 Header. It always worked for me.

BTW, the VBRI or Xing headers don't contain time stamps in form of minutes and seconds, but the number of frames.
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OK, thanks.  I'll give foobar a shot.

I could certainly enter the number of frames manually too.  It's probably more trouble than it's worth; I was just curious why the VBR fixers were sometimes getting the info wrong.  It SEEMS like it would be straightforward but perhaps I'm missing something.

Lame And Xing Header Specs

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foobar didn't do it quite right either and when I try to enter a number manually it either complains or doesn't seem to write it; but since the other programs had a problem too, I'm not sure what's going on.  One of these files is ABR, as well; the ABR header info must be almost (or exactly) the same, no?

foobar's a nice program, though.  It's a lot more flexible than most players and I was about to try it out anyway (though I didn't know it had a VBR fixer feature -- and without a plugin).