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Topic: Odd clicks every 15/71ts of a second when ripping Audio CDs (Read 747 times) previous topic - next topic
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Odd clicks every 15/71ts of a second when ripping Audio CDs

I'm ripping 300 CDs found in an abandoned house, mostly 2015 pop, and thought I'd try several command-line programs to check the results are the same, and am finding that not only do cdparanoia, icedax and cyanrip produce different results but even different runs of the same program produce different results for some tracks of the same CDs.

So I wrote a little program to diff them and write a WAV file of one minus the other to see the differences, and the sequences of differences are all a series of random blips a few samples long spaced in time by 15/71sts of a second, 4.73 per second, every 212ms. Once every 75th of a second I could have handled - the length of a 2352-byte CD block at 44100Hz - but 15/71sts?

As all the programs exhibit the same characteristic (a diff between cdparanoia's output and that of icedax, or between icedax and cyanrip or between cyanrip and cdparanoia give the same (well, samely different) results) I'm assuming it's something funny about the CD drives, both Hewlett-Packard CDDVDW TS653R but it's doing my head in to understand what and why, given the strange cadence.

Any input as to what might be going on would be welcome, as I currently have no straws to grasp at.




Re: Odd clicks every 15/71ts of a second when ripping Audio CDs

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The simplest thing is - try different drive. They are not that expensive nowadays. Other than that, CueTools on Windows (I see you're rocking Linux) could also help.
As to WHY that happens - I do not know.