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Re: OpenMPT Module Decoder

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Today I noticed a post in the Discord server of the "Nectarine Demoscene Radio", they mentioned a YouTube video: Amazing AMIGA Multichannel Music - MoSeZ - NNZ Collection #1 - there is an archive of SymMOD modules as well as MP3 versions of the same tracks linked in its description.

Playing the first file (Gloomyness.SymMOD) I noticed that foobar2000 with OpenMPT module decoder 0.7.1 / 0.7.3 plays this song in mono. But the MP3 has a stereo panorama.

I don't know anything about this module format; might it be that its support is incomplete, and the decoder is unable to retrieve the position of instruments in an audio panorama? When I watch the YouTube video of an Amiga tracker it has an analyzer in the center of the screen, displaying dots on concentric rings, which looks like they should present a relation to instrument positions, I guess?

Re: OpenMPT Module Decoder

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Not sure there is much to be done about SymMOD. I found which shows that the format author has published Amiga assembler sources and a Java player. The Java player, which was used as a source to create the decoder, also plays these files as mono.

Re: OpenMPT Module Decoder

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I see ... a demo player as reference may not be as optimal as a verbose specification though (and who knows, maybe even incomplete on purpose?).

I searched a little for "Symphonie module documentation / specification" but did not yet find them. Found a github repo of "compileable" sources at most. So it seems chances are that the player which allowed Nikol Nazarov to record MP3s from these modules is more elaborate than your OpenMPT module's source.

Shall I make a new issue on the tracker, linking the samples there as well?

PS: I tried to write Patrick Meng an email. But the bluewin address failed.


Re: OpenMPT Module Decoder

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That repository is mentioned in the link I posted. Those are the Java player sources. Only other source is the original undocumented assembler code for the tracker, from the same guy. I hope you understand that re-creating the player from the assembler code would require insane amount of work.

Your Youtube video explains and shows the guy running the original tracker in Amiga emulator.

I'm not stopping you from creating a bug report, just warning that getting correct stereo playback may not be so simple.