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Topic: [OPEN SOURCE] AudioAlign: Audio Synchronization And Analysis Tool 1.5.0 (Read 4814 times) previous topic - next topic
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[OPEN SOURCE] AudioAlign: Audio Synchronization And Analysis Tool 1.5.0

Updated version with prebuild binary finally out:

AudioAlign is a research tool to investigate automatic synchronization of audio and video recordings that have either been recorded in parallel at the same event or contain the same aural information. It is designed as a GUI for the Aurio library.

Use cases
AudioAlign has been developed for a research project with the goal to automatically synchronize audio and video recordings, recorded at the same time at the same event, e.g. a speech or a music concert. The idea was to synchronize all those videos taken from the crowd and combine them to

  • generate multicamera cuts by switching between perspectives (video),
  • create videos with full or at least better event coverage,
  • replace bad quality audio or video tracks with better ones, or
  • detect interesting moments (where many recordings have been captured at the same time).

For more, see the readme.

Full Changelog:
Official git:
Direct Download link:
.NET SDK 6 (needed):
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Re: [OPEN SOURCE] AudioAlign: Audio Synchronization And Analysis Tool 1.5.0

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New Aurio and AudioAlign versions are out !

Aurio v4.2.0 changelog:
  • bump FFmpeg to 6.1.1
  • direct audio proxy file writing
  • improve FFmpeg seeking
  • read FFmpeg samples without intermediary buffer

Bug Fixes
  • exception on FFmpeg proxy file creation
  • infinite read loop at end of FFmpeg stream

AudioAlign v1.6.0 changelog:
  • bump Aurio to 4.2.0
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Re: [OPEN SOURCE] AudioAlign: Audio Synchronization And Analysis Tool 1.5.0

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More bugfixes, more fun !

AudioAlign v1.7.0
  • selective match flipping

Bug Fixes
  • alignment graph plots offsets incorrectly

AudioAlign  v1.6.1
Bug Fixes
  • bump Aurio to 4.2.1
  • missing sign on alignment graph offset axis

Aurio v4.2.1
Bug Fixes
  • FFmpeg end-of-stream handling breaks stream contract
  • FFmpeg sometimes seeks one frame too far
  • initial position not zero when first PTS not zero
  • wrongly accepted first PTS when file not seekable
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