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Topic: Not all iTunes-specific tags are recognized\kept upon conversion (Read 414 times) previous topic - next topic
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Not all iTunes-specific tags are recognized\kept upon conversion

Hi all,

I have a collection of Apple Lossless files that I've tagged with the relevant iTunes content\playlist\artist ID tags so that when played back on my phone, the proper artist artwork is displayed and even animated artwork will load from Apple Music for a small handful of albums in my collection. However, Lossless files are a bit too cumbersome to carry around on my phone, so I use foobar2000 to convert them to AAC using qaac. The problem is that foobar2000 only seems to recognize the content ID tag: only <ITUNESCATALOGID> appears in the file properties and that is the only tag out of the three that makes it over to the converted file. With Mp3tag, these missing tags map over to the ITUNESARTISTID and ITUNESALBUMID fields respectively, and the MP4 Atoms are atID and plID. I can copy-and-paste tags en-masse from the originals to the converted version with Mp3tag and the content\playlist\artist IDs will make it over, but that removes the gapless signaling and is not a good solution.

I have tested both the latest stable version foobar2000 2.0 and the 2023-11-09 preview from the Microsoft Store, both have this fault. I have attached a short clip of silence tagged with content\playlist\artist ID tags if that might help with solving this issue.


Re: Not all iTunes-specific tags are recognized\kept upon conversion

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plID and atID reading/writing added for the next update, thanks for reporting.
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Re: Not all iTunes-specific tags are recognized\kept upon conversion

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The latest preview version works great!

Thanks again!