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FFMPEG compression equivilents

The FFMPEG documentation for the flac encoder list levels of "compression_level (-f, -h, -hh, and -x) but those don't seem to be options for -compression_level which takes numeric arguments.

What are the corresponding numeric arguments and levels?  Googling this, my paws are empty.

Thank you
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Re: FFMPEG compression equivilents

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Your question is unclear to me. Do you have any link to this "list levels of compression_level (-f, -h, -hh, and -x)"?

Re: FFMPEG compression equivilents

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Ok, I got it. I got confused because you said "flac" when you meant "wavpack".

Re: FFMPEG compression equivilents

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The "compression_level" is handled here:

One of the things it does, it sets "s->decorr_filter" which is used to pick an element from "decorr_filters" table, which is defined here:
Code: [Select]
static const WavPackDecorrSpec * const decorr_filters[] = {
    &fast_specs[0], &default_specs[0], &high_specs[0], &very_high_specs[0],

From that, it would seem that:
  • -f = 0
  • wavpack default = 1
  • -h = 2
  • -hh = 3
and values above 4 probably correspond to "-x[n]" option.

Oh, and if you don't provide "-compression_level" then ffmpeg will default to s->decorr_filter = 0, which would be wavpack's "-f". Not sure if that's intentional (assuming I'm right in the first place).