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Re: Foo_osd

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@kode54: Do you plan to work on foobar 2.0 compatibility for foo_osd ?

Why does it need 2.0 support? Does it not work already?
I suppose it's the x64 support what's needed here. Since at some point x32 should be gone...

Re: Foo_osd

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Makes sense. I guess thats the only reason to recompile. That and Dark Mode for some components of theirs.

Re: Foo_osd

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Ah ? I did not know V1 components were compatible with V2 x32 bits. I though it would need a SDK update or something like that. That's good news, it allows additional lifetime.

Re: Foo_osd

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Correct, the main changes were metadb changes for some components that use db functionality, Dark Mode, ARM/x64 support, and 64bit audio DSP sample support for x64 builds. There's many many more changes though I might have missed though V1 components work fine on V2 x86 (only).

I don't have a Win10 ARM install for my Pi4 currently to try foobar2000 compiled components for ARM. Probably need a new 256GB microSD card for that.

Re: Foo_osd

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So if its not gonna be updated (im afraid it wont) so it supports other processor architectures,
is there any other component that is similar or a work around or something?

Up until somewhere last week i was still using some older Foobar version just so i could use this component,
i just found it so usefull specially when ingame.  :P

Re: Foo_osd

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i very much like this component too, and this weekend i had the time to dig into it a bit, so (with permission of the original author), i've updated it for foobar v2 and recompiled it for x64

uploaded both x86 and x64 versions here:,124571.0.html

the functionality is unchanged, hovever if anything's broken with this new version (compared to 1.74), please let me know, and i'll try to fix it.

foo_osd (by kode54) updated for foobar2000v2/x64 (version 1.74.2)

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Great work. Thank you!

Re: Foo_osd

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Hi there! On foobar2000 core 1.6.17 and foo_osd version 1.74.2 (combined 32+64 bit component pacakage or other) shows nothing when I press "Test" in "Preferences" - "On-Screen Display" section. Tried other versions, nothing happen. Windpows 10 22H2 x64.

Re: Foo_osd

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Feature Request: can the volume OSD have a optional user configurable text below the volume bar ?

( I was thinking to display the volume in dB as it changes. )

Re: foo_osd (by kode54) updated for foobar2000v2/x64 (version 1.74.2)

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I've got this installed and working, but I don't see any preferences. How do I access them?

Re: Foo_osd

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preferences > display > on-screen display

Re: Foo_osd

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Hello everyone,
I search in a playlist to display the "item_index"?
Number that is playing...
%queue_index% or %list_index% displays nothing!
Can you help me ?

Foobar 2.1.2 , On-Screen Display 1.74

Re: Foo_osd

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Those fields are typically only available in playlist viewers as detailed here...

It is possible for components that are not playlists to support this but it would take a developer who cared enough to update it.


Re: Foo_osd

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Just discovered this thread and the renewed component (thank you!).

Wanted to give a shoutout to @fabiospark for the post @,43044.msg914190.html#msg914190

I'm not sure I could have figured out the syntax for the word wrap function. Thanks for sharing your code!

The component is a godsend, esp. the ability to have multiple lines and comments.

Here's my implementation of word wrap for displaying the Comment tag. While most of my files won't need word wrap, I'm pretty sure there are some that will benefit.

Code: [Select]
//start Artist, Album w/Year
$rgb(37,209,25,0,0,0) : ]
$rgb(255,223,2,0,0,0)$if(%title%,['('%date%')' %album%]
//end Artist, Album w/Year


//start Title
%title%,%_filename%)[ '['%_time_elapsed%']']$if(%_ispaused%,' [paused]')
//end Title


//start Comment tag

//If Comment tag length is greater than 85 than start to cut it in two lines
//otherwise show it on a single line

//First line of Comment tag, truncated at the last space before the 85th character
$puts(tae,$strrchr($substr(%comment%,1,85), ))

//Second line of Comment tag, from the first character after the last of the first line
//to the last space inside the next 85 chars or to the end of Comment tag if shorter.
$puts(tbe,$add($get(tbs),$strrchr($substr(%comment%,$get(tbs),$add($get(tbs),85)), )))

//end Comment tag

Here are a couple screenshots. I'm often running fb2k on a dedicated PC connected to via VNC, which is in the background while surfing or watching TV. It's handy to have the OSD persist in those situations; easy enough to switch to a timed setting otherwise.