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xxFoobar2000 (Mobile Edition)

02 May, 2016, 05:37:46 AM by spoon | Views: 8566 | Comments: 123

A public preview of the Windows Universal (Windows Phone 10) edition of foobar2000 is now available.

In addition the foobar2000 mobile forum is now open for all to access:

The link to this preview: | Windows 10, Windows Phone 8.1 | iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad app | Android app

General readme for new users [work in progress]:

Update 2016-05-07: iOS version is up as well
Update 2016-05-09: Android version has been released!
Update 2016-05-21: Windows Phone 8.1 now supported in the free version.

xxSorry about that, I couldn't help myself.

01 April, 2016, 08:30:31 PM by kode54 | Views: 2018 | Comments: 23

Really. This new forum is what we're settled on for the foreseeable future, and I like it this way. It's way easier to manage, and also way easier for me to at the very least skim over almost every single new post made to it each day. I don't care if the forum software is more like a "hobby" to its developers, even though they work on it almost daily and have listened to each of my bug reports and integrated any sensible fixes I've managed to contribute upstream.

The old software was at a total dead end, and I don't care if it "just worked", it was written for an older time, and it was a nightmare to maintain any minor change, and none of the changes could ever be sent upstream, because the developer has already moved on to "greener" pastures. Well, I've actually had a chance to try their latest, and I'd say they really moved on to browner pastures instead. Plus, I wouldn't want to be the one fitting the twice yearly maintenance fee to a developer to keep the forums running. I suppose that would have been up to our gracious host, though.

The handful of people who have come forward with criticism of this new forum, only a few have actually bothered to contribute style sheet or code changes that would actually make things work better for everyone. The rest are simply content to complain and expect me to read their minds and know exactly what bits of code need changing. That's the thing, I'm not really an aesthetics person, I don't really know what to do to style a forum to fit everyone's needs.

Please. Fork and pull on that Github repository mentioned in the opening post of the previous news topic. It means a lot to me to be able to fulfill complaints in a constructive manner.

I may even open up a repository for our current live tree of the forums script, minus the configuration file, since that contains our database credentials, even though the database only allows internal connections, it's best to be safe, right?

I do intend to update the forums to ElkArte 1.0.7, which was just released. A lot of different changes, but nothing that should break anything. I plan to run a diff against the two releases, apply the patch to the working tree, then clean up the pieces, before moving the live version over to the result.

xxMigrated to a new forum system

24 December, 2015, 04:56:46 AM by kode54 | Views: 14335 | Comments: 274

I have gone to a great effort to port the existing forum (as of the 20th) to another forum script, to see how well it functions. The temporary forums may be found here:

If general consensus is that this is a suitable replacement, even with all the conversion errors in place (bloody IPB BBcode mess with nested tags) then the forums may be taken offline for at least a day to freeze them before a final migration.

Also, here is a Git repository containing my changes to the default theme, in case anyone wants to help with actual code contributions and not just words.

E: The migration is now complete. I hope everyone enjoys it, at least somewhat. Most of you will need to recover your passwords using your email accounts.

The server has now been moved to a new VM slice, and is live at