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Columns UI - Exclude Multi-Channel from NG Playlist Display

Hey there!

I'm having a small Problem with SACDs in Foobar 2000:

Right now i use the Columns UI Filter to browse through my library which is working fine for everything but SACD ISOs.

My Problem is that it also shows Multi-Channel tracks in the Filter Results Playlist when i click a SACD Album in Filter, is there any way to remove those tracks from the media library alltogether or to stop them from being displayed?

My stop-gap solution is to add the $info(channels) tag at the beginning of all Filters in the Filter options (so 6-channel tracks end up at the end of the playlists) but i don't really like this option as some people who play back music on this PC don't know that they shouldn't use the 6-channel tracks

All ideas on how get rid of those entries are very appreciated

Columns UI - Exclude Multi-Channel from NG Playlist Display

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you can prevent the foobar core from monitoring any files/folders marked with the hidden attribute in windows explorer.

if that's no good, then place your first filter as $info(channels) as you've been doing. select 2 and then resize it out of sight. i think you can do this cleanly.

Re: Columns UI - Exclude Multi-Channel from NG Playlist Display

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bumping this. I'm looking to filter out multi-channel tracks as well. I could just filter out the multi-channel folder (which is inside my music folder), but couldn't find a way to do it either. I'm using columns UI and Playlist View


Re: Columns UI - Exclude Multi-Channel from NG Playlist Display

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I guess you can set foo_skip to skip those files if attempted to play, and/or mark them conspicuously in playlist view admonishing anyone who wants to play them against it. No idea how to filter them completely though.

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