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[request] ui panel read external txt file..

Hi! I actually need a very simple simple plugin.

should be an user interface panel that point into an external txt file (if this file exst).
It should have customizable path.. (example %path%\%filename%(without extension).log)
and (possibly) customizable "what to show" (example: find lines containing "accurip" and %tracknumber%), but this could be more difficult.

could be useful to read .accurip files (without open containing dir in external explorer) or to other external .nfo or .log files, often included in some release.

maybe something like this already exist..but i couldn't find any.
moreover, it should be very simple to build (knowing how!!) from any lyrics plugin that search for local db or form "text display" plugin, adding the possibility to look for external files.

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

[request] ui panel read external txt file..

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i've written a script for WSH panel mod that can do this. it's named simple text reader inside this .zip:

please read the instructions carefully.

i don't use lyrics myself but this is the only actively developed component i know of:

[request] ui panel read external txt file..

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thanks for this, witch seems very useful! but can't get it work...

Error: WSH Panel Mod (Simple Text Reader v6.2013-01-23.01 by marc2003): Errore di run-time di Microsoft JScript:
Il server di automazione non può creare l'oggetto ((automation server can't make the object))
File: C:\Program Files (x86)\_MM\foobar2000\marc2003\common6.js
Ln: 995, Col: 2
<source text only available at compile time>

what am i doing wrong?



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