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Topic: Why do people use WMA? How does it compare to other codecs? etc. (Read 25722 times) previous topic - next topic
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Why do people use WMA? How does it compare to other codecs? etc.

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I had a curiosity about WMA lossless in the past, but I had trouble finding info about it and I couldn't find a WMA encoder back then.  I didn't want to use Windows Media Player and I had already disabled it on my system because of filetype conflicts with other audio softwares. 

The other reason why I shied away from WMA was because of the spectre of DRM (Digital Rights Management), and I didn't want to ever encounter any of that since I remembered problems I had in the 90s with SCMS DRM on my minidisc recorder.  I know that's a totally different thing, but it turned me off entirely from all types of DRM. 

Ultimately, I went with FLAC because it was easy to find, easy to install, and easy to use.  My Sansa/SanDisk portable media player can play FLAC's (and OGG's and WMA's and MP3's) so that wasn't a problem either. 

For a while I used OGG's too, but I don't run into them that much in the wild.  I would probably use OPUS or M4A if more of my softwares and hardwares supported it.  My portable media player is supposed to be able to play M4A's but it always crashes on them for some reason, so I have given up on that for now.  I do download/extract some OPUS's from YouTube WebM's (MKV's) and then I convert them to FLAC's from within Foobar2000.  I also convert some M4A's to FLAC so I can play them on my portable media player too.
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