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Having an issue configuring loop settings. In previous versions of foo_midi, I configured the component to play indefinitely but only when loop info is detected in the MIDI file. However, with newer foo_midi versions, I can't seem to replicate this, and the play indefinitely option seems to play all MIDI files forever rather than just files with loop info.


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Absolutely bullshit. Half of those files haven't even changed since the last time I updated, and they're still setting it off now.

I'm dying to see these files from before January 28th that somehow magically don't set off any scanners. Files containing modules that currently set off the scanner. Files that haven't changed in six or more months, and have verifiable PGP signatures.

Spent hours doing a rebuild, now it only sets off one major scanner. This scanner only accepts reports of false positive or negative from their customers, damn. Anyone want to help out?

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Sorry for the problems. :(

I would never fathom that you would do something malicious, but sites can get highjacked and links get swapped out for fake ones, etc.

But thanks for looking into it and fixing it up/clarifying, I can sleep a little easier now. (Not that you really fixed anything, AV's are still random BS special snowflakes, lol, they probably all just copy each others "homework", change it a little and go, yup looks good, so if one says BAD!, a ton will too...)

Sorta off-topic now, but for whatever reason is still not HTTPS in 2020, has Peter given any reason why it is the way it is? Can he not change it to HTTPS?

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I don't control completely. It's HTTPS, but the HTTP doesn't force redirect to HTTPS, except on certain admin paths. I should bug Peter to change that, since he's really the one in charge of that server.

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New Secret Sauce hashes. It appears that the trial version on Roland's website is now at version 1.06.
1.06 32-bit: 6588E6AA17A57BA874E8B675114214F0.
1.06 64-bit: 6ABFBF61869FC436D76C93D1BC7E2735.

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