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What lossy codecs do you use on a *regular* basis?

  • AAC (.m4a, .aac…)
    151 (25.4%)
  • LossyWAV + lossless (.lossy.flac, .lossy.wv, .lossy.tak…)
    13 (2.2%)
  • MP3 (.mp3)
    252 (42.4%)
  • Musepack (.mpc)
    20 (3.4%)
  • Ogg Vorbis (.ogg)
    82 (13.8%)
  • Opus (.opus)
    34 (5.7%)
  • WavPack lossy (.wv)
    6 (1%)
  • WMA (.wma)
    7 (1.2%)
  • Other (please specify in this thread)
    1 (0.2%)
  • I don't really use any lossy codec on a regular basis
    28 (4.7%)

Total Members Voted: 424

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  • skamp
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2013 codec poll
What codecs do you use on a regular basis? This includes your ripping / encoding preferences, but also the format(s) of music that you regularly buy online (iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc…). As such, multiple choices are allowed.

2012 poll
2011 poll

  • DonP
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2013 codec poll
Reply #1
What codecs do you use on a regular basis? This includes your ripping / encoding preferences, but also the format(s) of music that you regularly buy online

All new rips at this point are archived in FLAC. 
Most of my "working copies" are in vorbis or mpc.  Trying/considering aggressive lossywav/flac for this.
Audio books and other speech files for the portable player in Opus (older stuff in speex) at 10-12 kb/s (5 MB/hour)
Opus will get more use on the portable for music when/if the rockbox decoder gets efficient enough to run higher bit rates.

For Google Music (cloud) I first convert to ~128 kb mp3 to keep down data rates and space needed for local caching on my tablet. (vorbis or FLAC files would be stored by Google as 320 kb/s mp3 files)

I have an emusic subscription and acquire about an album a month in ~180 kb mp3 that way.
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  • krafty
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2013 codec poll
Reply #2
Panasonic Blu-Ray players are supporting FLAC now. It won't make any revolution but at least yet another advance ahead of other codecs.
LAME -V0 for portable, but portable is only for trips. Not home listening.
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2013 codec poll
Reply #3
Rip to flac.  Lame V4 for my Sansa Clip. 

  • skamp
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2013 codec poll
Reply #4
I transcode my FLACs to Ogg Vorbis AoTuV (-q 5) for my Clip+, which is almost completely full. I also transcode to LossyFLAC (standard) for my Rockboxed iPod Classic, just because I can (it's only half full).

  • Hotsoup
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2013 codec poll
Reply #5
- FLAC for ripping new/used CDs and I use it for home playback as well.
- LAME V2 for portables: USB stick and Sansa Clip+ for car and work playback.
- Amazon MP3s (of various bitrates) purchased too, for any uses.

  • carpman
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2013 codec poll
Reply #6
LossyWAV (TAK) -- Main Library
TAK -p4m (for Solo Piano) - Main Library
LAME MP3 - for everything else

PC = TAK + LossyWAV  ::  Portable = Opus (130)

  • Cynic
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2013 codec poll
Reply #7
WavPack (CD rips) and FLAC (downloads) for archiving, Musepack for portable use.

  • IgorC
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2013 codec poll
Reply #8
Apple AAC, Opus 128 kbps for portable music
Opus 64 kbps for speech.

  • eahm
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2013 codec poll
Reply #9
Last year I deleted all my MP3s, I decided it was time for me to upgrade. Never used an MP3 since.

FLAC -5 for archival

AAC (foobar2000 + qaac TVBR Q73/150kbps) + iPhone as portable player

AAC (foobar2000 + qaac TVBR Q36/95kbps) or HE-AAC 32kbps for audiobooks + CD burn for car listening
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  • emte
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2013 codec poll
Reply #10
FLAC for ripping CDs. 128kb/s AAC for portable use.

  • ExUser
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2013 codec poll
Reply #11
LossyWAV -> FLAC, lossy WavPack - HQ lossy
Musepack, Opus - Portable use
Vorbis - Deprecated portable use, still use on occasion, streaming with foo_vorbisstream
MP3 - Deprecated portable use, backwards compatibility for dealing with noobs

WavPack - Primary archival format
FLAC - Interoperability format

  • elmar3rd
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2013 codec poll
Reply #12
- Amazon MP3
- MP3 Lame -V2 for CD-ripping
- HE-AAC (Nero q0,25) transcoded MP3 for mobile phone (music and audiobooks)

  • yourlord
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2013 codec poll
Reply #13
All CD's are ripped to FLAC -8 for my Library/archive.

On local LAN we play the FLAC's directly.

For portable use I transcode to Ogg Vorbis at quality 2. I also transcode to Ogg Vorbis q2 on the fly when streaming over the Internet (with VLC as the client) on my Subsonic server.
I use mp3 only when there is no other option. For example, the stereo in my truck only supports mp3 so for that I transcode to mp3 using LAME at -V2.

  • Rescator
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2013 codec poll
Reply #14
MP3 and AAC are only due to mainstream use, I avoid encoding in either mp3 or aac, personally I try to use Ogg Vorbis when possible (for lossy),
but since Ogg Opus popped up I've begun moving towards that (instead of Ogg) and wave a fond farewell to Ogg Vorbis.

As to lossless it's obviously FLAC, but I also selected "Other" since I also have some uncompressed Wav 32bit floating point files. But those are my "masters". (I make music, so...)

2013 codec poll
Reply #15
lossyWAV Xtraportable + FLAC -0.  I've yet to encounter a single audible artifact in any file I've processed (null-testing aside), the decoding is ridiculously fast/light on the processor, and the file sizes usually end up being around that of high-bitrate lossy.  It's my very favorite portable solution.
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FLAC -2 w/ lossyWAV 1.3.0i -q X -i

  • AllanP
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2013 codec poll
Reply #16
Apple AAC 256 kbps bought from iTunes Music Store that I listening on my MacBook Pro with a pair of Beyerdynamic T5P headphones. Amazing sound quality!
256 kbps Apple AAC bought iTunes music

2013 codec poll
Reply #17
Audiobooks (original): MP3.
Audiobooks (portable): Opus, 24kbps mono.
Music (original): FLAC.
Music (portable): AAC, 96-256kbps, Fraunhofer.
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2013 codec poll
Reply #18
All CD rips and vinyl transfers are archived in FLAC and backed up redundantly to HDD and BD-Rs.

Anything that makes its way into my iTunes library is usually decompressed from FLAC to AIFF and then converted to "iTunes Plus" settings (AAC @256 Kbps VBR) as to be uniform with purchased and matched files.

I "use" FLAC the most (as in archiving,) but I never really listen to it. If it's not on my iPod Touch (lossy AAC) I've either burned it to CD-R or DVD-A or it's analogue media.

The Loudness War is over. Now it's a hopeless occupation.

  • Busemann
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2013 codec poll
Reply #19
Apple tvbr q95 (~192kbps)

  • soundping
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2013 codec poll
Reply #20
I don't rip any lossless. If I like the music I'll buy the CD.. CD = Lossless Archive.

When it comes to Lossy I'll go with MP3, Ogg or Opus. All my CDs are backed up to lossy for portable music playing.
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  • Mach-X
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2013 codec poll
Reply #21
FLAC -8 to archive. I find the encoder finishes before the drive is done the next track may as well save space. Vorbis q2 for my clip+, and android phone, love that winamp includes autov build. WMA pro q50 for the zunehd in my car, the zune interface is still the best for in car plus it synchs wirelessly from my driveway. Included mp3 because I still have some from out of print albums I havent tracked down yet.

  • JJZolx
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2013 codec poll
Reply #22
- FLAC -5 for home audio systems
- MP3 transcoded using LAME 3.99.5 -V2 for portables
- One file per track
- I've never purchased an MP3 download

I occasionally share a song or two with friends, but they have to be in MP3 format, as only a handful have even heard of FLAC, and none of them use it. That's probably the biggest reason why I don't bother with any other lossy format.

  • temp1
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2013 codec poll
Reply #23
lossy: MP3 (Lame V2)
lossless: TAK (default compresion)

One file per disc/album with cue sheets or chapters

  • m45t3r
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2013 codec poll
Reply #24
I am using mainly FLAC for archive, but I do have some old rips on MP3 that I can't find anymore (or simple didn't care to search). For mobile, I mainly use Ogg Vorbis. Someday I want to switch to Opus but it's still too soon.