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Best Audio Format for Archiving Music Long-Term?

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I find it difficult to believe that something is wrong with my SB or MDAC. I am not going to waste time in trying to find out since I never use FLAC and I estimate the chance that I will find the cause zero.

I find it much more difficult to believe that FLAC does not decode lossless on the Logitech Touch/Mediaserver. Since you did that claim here please try to dig deeper.

There have been lots of issues reported with certain Squeezebox devices. First and best hit:

A bit off topic, but since mentioned: This was a temporary problem for the TRANSPORTER only related to hires flac files created with max compression. -5 hires flac files were fine. And even this was solved with a firmware update for the TRANSPORTER.  In general flac files are actually the best format to use on squeezebox devices. I have many and have zero issues streaming flac, including 24/96 or 24/192.

And yes, creating odd settings for the squeezeboxes that don't use standard flac playback settings (as suggested elsewhere by certain "audiophools" can create issues. So can driving my car on the highway in 2nd gear with handbrake on.  ;-)

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