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Re: UPnP MediaRenderer output | discussion

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First, thank you Peter for this great plugin.
I just have some question:
I just run on same pc  two instances of foobar: one is a server and another is use for player and broadcaster.
The interesting thing happened when server stream captured by foobar 2 that use playing and broadcasting to web.
I just notice the sound is much more better.
I talking about when i playing mp3 files on first instance of foobar this plugin recompress the mp3 files to wave and streaming to second foobar instance and sound much more better than if you playing same mp3 file just as mp3 file on some other foobar.
Its look like this:
Foobar + foo upnp output with mp3 file - sound good and detailed.
Foobar that playing same mp3 file - sound average.
So how works foo upnp plugin that recompress the compressed files like mp3 and add them softness and detailed sound?
My setup is:
First foobar + foo upnp output + set to null output - streaming the  music.
Second foobar + foo upnp - Playback Stream Capture - select to output of my sound card and playing the music.
Its looks like the compressed audio file (like mp3) sound much better with foo upnp output (that recompress mp3 audio file to wave format) then listen to same file when is playing just as mp3 file...
Its right or maybe i am wrong?
I just was noticed to this sound quality not only playing foobar on pc and also on anderoid foobar.

Re: UPnP MediaRenderer output | discussion

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Just trying this plugin with my Chromecast audio and found that it took quite a few minutes to detect my CC devices. Then with a 16bit flac file, it returns:
"Unrecoverable playback error: UPnP device error: UPnPError"

Sorry I've no idea how to get the debug console logs that others have posted.
VLC works fine with the same flac to the CCA.

Any ideas?

So no one has any ideas how to diagnose this?

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