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Re: UPnP MediaRenderer output | discussion

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This is awesome!  I had to set my ancient tx-nr-609 to NET - DLNA other wise it said transport locked, but it works fine after doing that.  Thanks so much!

Re: UPnP MediaRenderer output | discussion

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What it can be?
Code: [Select]
Opening track for playback: "song.mp3"
[UPnP] Device protocol info:
[UPnP] http-get:*:audio/mp3:*,http-get:*:audio/x-mp3:*,http-get:*:audio/mpeg:*,http-get:*:audio/mpeg3:*,http-get:*:audio/x-ms-wma:*,http-get:*:audio/wma:*,http-get:*:audio/wav:*,http-get:*:audio/x-wav:*,http-get:*:audio/ogg:*,http-get:*:audio/x-ogg:*,http-get:*:application/octet-stream:*,http-get:*:audio/flac:*,http-get:*:audio/x-flac:*,http-get:*:audio/musepack:*,http-get:*:audio/x-musepack:*,http-get:*:audio/wavpack:*,http-get:*:audio/x-wavpack:*,http-get:*:audio/ape:*,http-get:*:audio/x-ape:*,http-get:*:audio/mp4:*,http-get:*:audio/m4a:*,http-get:*:audio/x-alac:*,http-get:*:audio/3gpp:*,http-get:*:audio/aiff:*,http-get:*:audio/x-aiff:*,http-get:*:audio/aif:*,http-get:*:audio/x-aif:*,http-get:*:audio/x-caf:*,http-get:*:audio/dsf:*,http-get:*:audio/dff:*,http-get:*:audio/basic:*
[UPnP] Listening on:
[UPnP] Stream address:
[UPnP] HTTP request #4: HTTP/1.1 GET /4/stream.wav
[UPnP] HTTP concurrency: 1
[UPnP] Source:
[UPnP] Accept: */*
[UPnP] Host:
[UPnP] Serving WAV
[UPnP] Accept-Ranges: none
[UPnP] Connection: close
[UPnP] Content-Type: audio/wav
[UPnP] Server: Windows, UPnP/1.0 DLNADOC/1.50, foobar2000/1.x
[UPnP] Streaming
[UPnP] transport op: Play
[UPnP] transport op "Play" fail: user abort after 0:00.004894
Unrecoverable playback error: UPnP device error: XML error
[UPnP] Detached transport op failure: XML error
[UPnP] HTTP request #4 finished
[UPnP] HTTP concurrency: 0

Re: UPnP MediaRenderer output | discussion

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Just what I needed, mostly works with KEF LS50W.  However two issues:

1) After the transition 'Pause->Play' I get white noise (!);  Stop, Next, or Previous are required before next successful Play. I get an intermittent "Unrecoverable playback error: UPnP device error: Action Failed". Spotify app driving the speakers does not have this issue.

Any thing you can do?

2) When there are two sources (say Foobar and Spotify) and one target (Speakers), playing each source preempts the other - which is great. On preempt, Spotify pauses its playlist but Foobar ends its playlist and on Play gives a message "Unrecoverable playback error: UPnP device error: Transition not available".

Enhancement request: the action on transition due to another source would be Pause (like Spotify app).

[Windows 10, Foobar 1.4 , foo_outupnp 1.0 ]     Foobar 1.3 had same white noise issue.

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