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Since 1.5.4: No resampler is working


up to now I had at -> Playback -> DSP Manager -> Resampler (SRC) with higher samplerate active. This did work with other Resamplers too. I also resetted everything, but without change. Every 44,1kHz wav file could not be played with higher resampling.

My output is WASAPI or ASIO (ESI Juli@). I still tried the old KS Plugin. Up to know it worked. In v 1.5.4 it doesn't work at all. No change, if i use the Standard-DS output or "DS: PSDriver.

Any idea?


Re: Since 1.5.4: No resampler is working

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I don't think I undestand what you are describing. Resampler DSPs work just fine on foobar2000 v1.5.4 and alter the sampling rate to what ever target has been set.

Do you get some error message about playback failing? If you do, you need to post that. Also check console for any error messages.

Re: Since 1.5.4: No resampler is working

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Whichever sample rate I set, the original sample rate (i.e. 44.1 kHz) is always output. As if no DSP plugin was installed.

If I activate the sacd plugin, however, I get the PCM sample rate set there.

No error messages are displayed.

Re: Since 1.5.4: No resampler is working

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Are you maybe talking about the status bar display at the bottom of the window?

Re: Since 1.5.4: No resampler is working

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Reamplers work. Status bar shows original sample rate of the played file, not the resampled sample rate.

Also, you don't need the resampler since you failed to notice the difference in played sound.


Re: Since 1.5.4: No resampler is working

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I know the original sample rate. It's also displayed in the "General" section. The status bar makes no sense to me in terms of PCM if the plugin output data is not displayed. I remember that this was the case before. With the SACD plugin, the actual output data is displayed. Probably the PCM plugin developers didn't bother with this...

Good thing you have a glass ball and you know why I do this :-)

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