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Re: SSRC 1.31
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The image I posted doesn't seem to click through properly, so it's just a thumbnail I'm afraid.  It's still understandable though, with a little explanation:  the top pair of graphs are from ssrc, the other two pairs of from sox and libsamplerate: the passband lengths from sox and libsamplerate (from two different sources rates to the same destination rate) are the same, but for ssrc, they differ.

Re: SSRC 1.31
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Today I released version 1.33 of SSRC.
Only performance and compatibility enhancements are added in this release.
I am sorry, but I was too busy in May, and I will look into the issue reported by bandpass.

Dear Naoki, I know you have been busy, when you will have time can you in short describe the differences between "normal" and "long" profiles? Does it make sense for common usage to try/utilize longer filter length or is it "overkill"? And what characteristics does it specifically change?


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Re: SSRC 1.31
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Naoki, is there any progress on the SSRC codes? I have read and been aware there're some possible bug found by bandpass.