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Converting wav+cue to iso

Hi all,

I have a complete CD mastered to WAV+CUE. I'm looking for suggestions for (Windows) software to convert this to an ISO image file *directly* without going via CDR. (The cue file contains Index-0s and the audio is continuous through the pasues so I don't want to break it up into individual track files.) Sonoris can't do this and I understand this is also just about the only thing Imgburn can't do either.

This should be trivial but has me vexed!


Re: Converting wav+cue to iso

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IIRC it's not possible to create an ISO file from a CD-DA. So you cannot create an ISO file even via CD-R.

Re: Converting wav+cue to iso

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It's a common misconception that CD audio is similar to a data CD just because it's both on the same physical medium.

Re: Converting wav+cue to iso

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I remember CloneCD can do it (as well as I'm pretty sure all of the burning software) but directly from CDs, not sure you can "convert" wav+cue to iso.

Re: Converting wav+cue to iso

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IIRC CloneCD can copy AudioCD to BIN + CUE files, not to ISO.

Re: Converting wav+cue to iso

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I remember vaguely that there was software which could mount to virtual drive wav+cue, so you could do image with Nero, for example.
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Re: Converting wav+cue to iso

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An "iso" holds one track's worth of data, with some filesystem such as ISO 9660, but maybe another, and 2048 bytes per sector. With a music CD you have several tracks, with 2352 bytes per sector. I think the "bin" in a BIN+CUE arrangement is same as a WAV but without any headers, so there is not much difference between the two. Maybe OP needs a special disc image like a DDP, which Reaper can write.

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