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foo_shn -critical update-!

name: foo_shn RC 3
desc: Shorten decoder for foobar2000 0.6x
date: 2003-05-27 0:11

download page:
permanent download link for most recent version:


that's right, among other (important) changes and fixes this version adds support for persistently tagging Shorten files by writing an ape2 tag into an external tag file.

here are the significant changes from the last version:
- added reading / writing support for ape2 tags in external .tag files!

- plugin comes now as one hybrid unicode/ansi dll (thanks Case!)
- handling of premature EOF has been improved
- handling of misc garbage in the packed WAV file (like appended cue sheets thanks to CoolEdit  ) has been fixed and improved
- fixed stereo decoding! *

[span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%']Yeah, that's the critical part. All foo_shn users need this update. You might say it's a huge step towards perfectly lossless decoding of the pcm data contained in shns using foobar. Don't ask.  [/span]

Go play with it, break it, report errors and bugs to me or foosion or post in this thread.. well, you know it.
A riddle is a short sword attached to the next 2000 years.


foo_shn -critical update-!

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what exaclty does this plug-in do?

foo_shn -critical update-!

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foo_shn -critical update-!

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updated to RC 3b
- modified external seektable / tag location system:
  * absolute paths are allowed again
  * you can set whether the configured path or the path in which
  the actual shn file is located should be preferably used for
  skt / tag processing purposes.

download page: still the same -

A riddle is a short sword attached to the next 2000 years.

foo_shn -critical update-!

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this one works sweet...

many thanks ss.

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