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mp3 books on an andriod tablet

I want an audio player application that runs on an android tablet. It is for, and only for, listening to books in mp3 format.
Not online books, only books I created by recording from cassettes or extracting from CDs. Hopefully I can copy the books to the tablet from a Windows computer or from a flash drive.
No visuals of the audio material is relevant unless the application cannot resume where it was stopped. In that extremely inconvenient circumstance the track number and time position are necessary so the user can note it, then use it to find the proper place upon next listening.
Of course the application may do any number of other things, I care not, as long as it can easily and conveniently do this.

Each book is in its own folder.
The mp3 files have tags, most created with Mp3tag, some with foobar2000. This is important only because the tags, properly used, make the player play the tracks in the proper sequence.
Playlists are not wanted but -maybe- they can be created if there is definitely no way to get around it.
Does such an application exist? If so, where might it be obtained?

Re: mp3 books on an andriod tablet

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Unless I'm not understanding the requirements, most tablets come with audio players already. However, if yours doesn't or if it doesn't suit, there are plenty to choose from. I use Rocket Player, which can find tracks by title, artist, album, playlist, folder, genre and more and should fit what you want. It isn't specifically an audio-book player though, no doubt these exist but I don't use any.

Please excuse me if I'm patronising you but unless you exit an application in android it stays available in a suspended state, which in this case would allow a "resume". If you exit, I'm not sure any application would resume from where you left off.

Re: mp3 books on an andriod tablet

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I use Smart Audiobook Player on all my android devices. I would give you a list of the great features I find indispensable, but you can see them at the link. I have never found anything I like better and I have looked. Audiobooks are one of the main things I use my phone for. :))

Re: mp3 books on an andriod tablet

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Jan, Rick in regard to your audiobooks, are they all from Audible or some other such service?
I have experience with several personal audio players. All have an Audiobook folder where audiobooks, separate from music, podcasts, etc. are to be loaded. Some have both an Audible and Audiobook folder. They will not play audiobooks controlled by tags, i.e. any from my collection, in sequence. I don't know what method they use but it is apparently built into the audiobooks sold by various online services.

antz, I fear the above limitation may also apply to many software players. Some, such as foobar2000 for Windows do use normal tags for sequencing. I think foobar2000 will also be pointing to the proper track if one starts it again next day, but it only resumes at the beginning of the track, as far as I know how to control it. I don't know if foobar2000 for Android exists, or if it does, if it works the same way.

I believe all players that were on the tablet were Google something-or-other and looked to be intended to deal only with online Google media. This might not have been totally true but I deleted them anyway. The tablets memory was too full to load audiobooks. The tablet will not normally be used with any internet connection.

Thanks, I will look at the players suggested once I can get to a connection and figure how how to do anything useful with the device.

Re: mp3 books on an andriod tablet

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In case anyone is interested
I sent information about tags and sequencing to both Listen Audiobook player and Smart Audiobook player. So far I received a reply from Smart:

Player now sort files only by file names.
Tags are ignored.
I plan to add option to sort by tag in the future.

In most cases app should restore playback position correctly if device is turned off.
But on some devices if phone was automatically turned off because of empty battery
playback position can be lost.

File names should work for me but I'm somewhat surprised that it always works on commercial offerings. I know that while most CD audiobooks do not label the tracks, some do and those labels are generally not useful for sequencing. Of course, in playing a CD that matters not at all. Also, since I never use those supplied track labels, it doesn't matter to me either. However, if a book from Audible or one of the other services labels the files the same way as some CDs label tracks, then depend on tags (or other information?) to play the files in sequence, Smart Audiobook Player would not work.

As I wrote above, my book files, which are sequenced by files names, by tag track number, and by tag track title, do not work in the standard Audiobook (or music) category in many personal mp3 players.


Re: mp3 books on an andriod tablet

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Another follow-up, in case anyone is interested. This is from Listen Audiobook Player

Sorry for the late reply.  Yes, from what you describe the app was designed specifically to work with what you are asking for.  Feel free to try it and make sure.  I offer a 7 day trial period.  If you decide you don't want to use it after trying it for a week just let me know and I will refund the purchase.

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