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ADDED_TIMESTAMP - how to use?


I recently lost my Windows HDD which although a pain isn't the end of the world since I had my music library backed up. The issue is now that i've rebuilt windows and installed foobar2000 from scratch I forgotten how to do various things. Specifically what I'd like to do is have foobar display the "date added" in the playlist, and whilst I can see that most/all of my music files have an ADDED_TIMESTAMP tag I'm not sure how to add that info as a column. Presumably the data would need to be parsed since a typical value "129725982540083078" isn't recognisable as a date. I had this setup before I lost the HDD....

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Re: ADDED_TIMESTAMP - how to use?

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Figured it out

Installed Playback Statistics (foo_playcount)

Right Click on "All Music" in media browser, choose "PlayBack Statistics" > "Import Statistics From FileTags"



Re: ADDED_TIMESTAMP - how to use?

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Alternatively you can use:
for Pattern.

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