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Speex Plugin for QCD

I can get QCD to play just about everything from Real Media to Ogg,and
musepack,but cannot find a speex plugin.The only thing holding me back
from Foobar is no Real Media support,why real media? Yes it's a sucky
format but the online streaming media i like primarily talk is encode in
real and as far as Windows media i can just Windows Player but real
as all no is a cancer on the OS.Anyway if anyone knows of a speex
plugin for QCD ,please let me know.

Speex Plugin for QCD

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Incredible,btw i'm a man,i really appreciate this.And it does work,i had
to load it manually for some reason but none the less got it working.
That was the last thing that had me hanging on to winamp.Thanks

I have zero programing skills,that being said how difficult would it be for
me to tweak around with QCD drivers?


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