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Small bug in latest Lame alpha

Latest Lame alpha (lame-20011007 confirmed could be other versions as well) has a small quite harmless (from quality point of view) bug.
Athtype 4 seems to actually give the same ath curve as the higher quality athtype 2.
So, for example dm-preset standard (uses athtype 4) and xtreme (uses athtype 2) give identical output with the latest Lame alpha. Both standard and xtreme -profiles give actually xterme profiles's output.
I believe this will be fixed soon.
Juha Laaksonheimo

Small bug in latest Lame alpha

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One of the LAME programmers, Gabriel Bouvigne, just said this on the LAME dev list:

> --vbr-old --athtype 2 = --vbr-old --athtype 4
Seems to be my fault in util.c

I guess this will be or is already fixed.

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