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Topic: ID3v2.4 mood tag not displayed in fb2k (Read 1528 times) previous topic - next topic
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ID3v2.4 mood tag not displayed in fb2k

Hello everyone...

I'm new to foobar2000 so here comes a little bit of a noob problem...
I decided to improve my music library and used Music Brainz Picard to retag all my files. Since fb2k got quite good reviews I decided to use it as my future player and since it comes with id3v2.4 support I had Picard writing id3v2.4 + id3v1 tags. Everything worked fine - I love foobar2000, it's really great    - except for the mood tags: They are not displayed in foobar but Picard shows that they are actually there. If I create a new custom mood tag using foobar and enter the values myself the tag gets stored correctly but I do not really want to add the tag manually to every file.

Can anybody help me out here? It seems to me like this is the only tag not recognized by foobar - I'm really confused... 

ID3v2.4 mood tag not displayed in fb2k

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Try the beta?

ID3v2.4 mood tag not displayed in fb2k

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Thanks db1989 for your prompt reply. I should have mentioned that I'm using v 1.1.15 beta2 (no extra plugins). Just to make sure I downloaded again. The problem stays. I used a hex editor to check the tags which are actually written: Picard wrote to TMOO while foobar writes to TXXX MOOD and ignores TMOO when reading.
Just to make sure I'm doing this the right way: To add a new tag in foobar select properties -> tools -> add new field and just type MOOD in there - or do I actually need to type TMOO? Or is there any switch I need to turn on to get the beta features?

ID3v2.4 mood tag not displayed in fb2k

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I just experimented with the beta and it appears foobar doesn't support the TMOO frame in id3v2.4.

Something to keep in mind is how frames are named in the name column of the Properties dialog. Those mapped to a name at Preferences > Advanced > Display > Properties dialog > Standard fields will have that name displayed. All others will be displayed  in the format <TAGNAME> using the name foobar uses internally for the frame or detects within the tag (the latter being the case for TXXX frames). Though I've never tried, I seriously doubt you can use a frame's 4 character designation to format it.

Frames that foobar recognizes will be displayed in the Properties dialog. A frame which isn't supported won't display there.

ID3v2.4 mood tag not displayed in fb2k

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Yeah thanks - I get it now. The Mood tag is not like any custom tag but uses a special designation in id3v2.4. And this designation (TMOO) is not (yet) supported in the current foobar2000 release. I'm going to follow db1989's hint and ask in the current beta forum about it...

Thank you guys! 

Re: ID3v2.4 mood tag not displayed in fb2k

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Well, we are in 2020 and Foobar 1.6.1 still doesn’t support TMOO frame in metadata property.

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