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Can't apply ReplayGain on conversion

I'm trying to convert some .wav files to .wav and .mp3 files with ReplayGain applied during conversion, but the ReplayGain is not applied at all. Output .wav files are identical to input ones, and .mp3 files doesn't get ReplayGain applied at all. What can be wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Some info:
- Version:
foobar2000 v1.1.13

- .wav input files:
Sample rate : 48000 Hz
Channels : 2
Bits per sample : 16
Bitrate : 1536 kbps
Codec : PCM
Encoding : lossless

- .wav output files:
Bit depth: auto
Dither: never

- .mp3 autput files:
MP3 (LAME), V2

- Processing:
Apply track (or album) gain

Can't apply ReplayGain on conversion

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Your input files need to be ReplayGain-scanned.


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