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musicbrainz, disc id, ISRC

I'm coming up with a new tagging standard for myself, largely a hybrid of the two standards mentioned at

I have to re-rip most of my CDs anyway, they were ripped ages ago and at the time I thought I was being slick but I did

normalize-audio -a *.wav

before encoding in flac. Maybe it was better at the time, I don't know how many of my players understood the comment way of doing replaygain but it seems all do now and the comment way is clearly better.

At the time, I only did very basic tags, but I want to do much more accurate tags now. I may only redo a couple CDs a week, there's no rush (but there is Rush, quite a bit of Rush ;)

The question :

Artist: Struntz & Farah
Album: Primal Magic

Originally released on Mesa/Bluemoon and that's the CD I have.
The artists had a dispute with them, there was legal action over royalties, the artists now have the rights to the album and re-released it in 1999 on their own label Selva.

To the best of what I can find, the Selva release and the Mesa release have identical FreeDB ID (7e0b04a) which has collision with several other CDs from other artists and as best as I can tell, both have MusicBrainz ID of XFcyqjbS58oy_DW6V.7AXXwQ7ss-

It appears that the 1999 Selva release is being pressed from same masters.

For ISRC part of tag, I'm going with the 1999 ISRC because in the event they are used in royalty situation, that seems the appropriate one to use now.

But I'm a little confused about why the MusicBrainz ID would be the same when something as major as the label has changed.
Shouldn't that result in a new MusicBrainz ID even if pressed from the same master? The ID given is the id that I obtained from morituri (linux program) but is also the only ID I can find for the release on the MusicBrainz site.

Bob Dylan's 1962 debut album - it appears that it not only has been released under several different catalog numbers but that there are several different MusicBrainz ID's for the catalog number that corresponds to my physical disc.

It seems odd that one release with same catalog number would have several different MusicBrainz ID's while another album undergoes a change in the label yet only has one MusicBrainz ID.

I think I'm not quite understanding what MusicBrainz ID really is. Is it only based on some checksum of the media?


This BTW is why I don't like and do not plant to use the xiph suggested CONTACT field. Proper contact information changes too easily.
It might technically be better for me to use Mesa as the label since that is the label on the CD I ripped from even though now it has new label, so that data being a field that can change isn't a big issue.

But who to contact - that can change even if label doesn't, and I don't think that belongs in a metadata tag.

musicbrainz, disc id, ISRC

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Check out these two links in the MusicBrainz FAQ for more info than you probably care to know

It's not uncommon to have multiple releases of an album all sharing the same disc id.  For example, CD's that are released in multiple countries.  The proper way to do it in MusicBrainz is to add the second release of that album to that album's release group using the proper info for the newer release (the new label, barcode, catalog number, etc.).  If that CD ever gets scanned again, it will return multiple results and the user can pick which release he owns.

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