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foobar2000 controller PRO can't detect PC IP anymore

Well, since some weeks ago, foobar2K controller PRO Android app can't find the IP from one of my PCs where foobar2000 is installed. Everything is set up correctly: HTTP Control 0.97.14-fb2kc component is installed, and I can access the foobar2000 interface on through the browser. I've set a local IP for my PC and added it to "Listen on" box on HTTP Control options, but the foobar2K Controller can't find the IP. I even port forwarded the port 8888 on both TCP/UDP protocols, and choosing the PC local/LAN IP. As UPnP is enabled on my router, I shouldn't even need to do this, but I did just in case.

Looks like it's the app for some reason has broken UPnP support and refuses to find the PC, because other PCs in my local network and file manager apps like Root Explorer (SMB server) can detect and connect to my PC just fine. I wiped the app cache and data, and started the connection wizard again, but it didn't work either. Does anyone have an idea on how to make the foobar2K Controller app find my PC, or is the app broken forever? Thanks in advance.

foobar2000 version: v1.4 beta 15
OS: Windows 10 Home build 17134.48 (Version 1803)


Re: foobar2000 controller PRO can't detect PC IP anymore

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I managed to fix this, for some reason my network connections, both Ethernet and Wi-fi, were assigned public instead of private. I changed both connections to private networks via Settings, and then set fixed local IPs for both, and foobar2000 Controller is now able to detect the PCs again. :)

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