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Windows 2000 Sp3 Bug...

Dunno if it's a bug, but it sure is bugging me
With this new service pack, Microsoft introduced a function to change the default program to handle email, web etc.
So now I have no default web browser at all!
When clicking a link in oulook or mirc nothing happens, and when I set MSIE and outlook to be used as default it never applies the changes.
This is really annoying...but there is a way to get around it, just start the browser before you click the link in outlook or whatever you use.
But that's also annoying

Anyone else had this problem?
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Windows 2000 Sp3 Bug...

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I didn't tryed, but I suspect that this could be made on purpose.
This way you are encouraged to not use this function, and so to keep ie and outlook express your default programs.


Windows 2000 Sp3 Bug...

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don't know if this is a bug too...when i execute MP3gain. the Windows Installer of Office 2000 SR1 would pop up. after i canceled would pop up again....and this would repeat for 6 times ( counted it!) before MP3gain finally pops up

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