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simple windows automation tool?

i'm looking for a simple batch tool for windows (to emulate pressing F5 in eac to be able to rip from multiple drives without sitting in front of the pc)

anyone knows a good (maybe free) one?

regards; ilikedirt

simple windows automation tool?

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You seem to look for something like rtvreco or maybe it would be windows scripting host? ... which let's you write little VBS scripts to start up apps and do something to them (like press keys...) I don't actually use it

I can recommend a few apps I use:

Whenever I need some keys to be pressed when some window appears, I use rtvreco, see RtvReco Version 5.15 which is now shareware (I use the old 5.08 which was freeware)
This is easy fun

Then comes Keyboard express, which can catch globally or by "name of active window" (very convenient, you can assign the same keystroke differently for different windows several) any keystroke like CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-q and assign any complicated keyboard action. It is shareware and can be found at Keyboard Express Home Page
B) You type the key, it does the action

Winbatch would be for more professional work, you write actual programs. I use it at lot, see Wilson WindowWare Download Central and WinBatch - Macro Scripting Tool for Windows Batch and Network Automation
B) Whenever I need complete control over what is done when - especially if you don't know before after how how much time a job is finished and the next key should be pressed.

If you have any questions - ask me , since I work in a hotline, I am used to any kind of questions  but don't expect too much, maybe your request is not supported

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