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Batch CD Ripping to FLAC
Hi All:

I've got a challenge of batch ripping thousands of CDs to FLAC. I have a Nimbie autoloader and was told it's either XLD or Max on Mac. I have some questions and would greatly appreciate everyone's help in doing this in the most methodical way.

1) XLD or Max?
2) FLAC settings?
3) Any other information that might help obtain the best quality, properly tagged batch of files?

Thanks for any and all help!

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Batch CD Ripping to FLAC
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2) FLAC is lossless, so no matter what you choose, it would be the same just a little bit more or less compressed.

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Batch CD Ripping to FLAC
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2) FYI, FLAC --best compresses my 5,000+ song collection only 0.4% better than the default setting (-5), though encoding time might not matter when the bottleneck is ripping the CD itself.