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EAC and special character problem

I have problem when I enter one of these special characters in Turkish special char set :  (small dotless I); (large dotted I); (soft g) and (soft G); (s cedilla) and (S cedilla) ( I even have problem posting them here  ). But the Unicode codes are like this: ı , İ , ğ , Ğ , ş and Ş

Anyway the characters can be found in the link I provided. When I enter them in EAC it is converted to the closest character without the accent therefore I can't use them in my tags  I know there're people here who use languages which use completely different character set than the Latin one so I was wondering how EAC works for them (or how they get it to work). I guess MPC won't have a problem with these characters to be included in the tags as soon as EAC accepts them. I don't want to individually change the tags in foobar2000 (too messy).

Let me know if you have any idea for the reason and solution...
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