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Another plugin that comes in handy for me that I want to share.

This plugin will take any source from 4 to 7 channels and turn it into 7.1 by filling in the extra channels with silence. 6.1 will get its back center channel copied to both back surround channels.

The purpose of this plugin is to avoid multi-channel sources to get their side surround channels copied to the back surround channels. My A/V receiver does it, so sending silent channels is a way to solve it. All channel's data is left untouched.

You can download it from:



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Version 1.1 now available!

Quoting from the website:

New version with proper channel configuration analysis and heuristics. This version makes use of AsmJit to produce machine code at run-time for the current channel configuration. The machine code is, of course, re-produced if the channel configuration changes. Heuristics include: move back surround to side surround (only when there is back
surround but no side surround), and assign back center to back surround (if not used) or side surround (second choice if back surround is used).

I decided to add the back to side surround moving heuristic because I encountered 4.0 files with different surround speaker assignments. My point of view is that if you have a 4.0 file that uses front and surround speakers, and you want to turn this track into 7.1 for playback, you, most likely, always want the surround channels to go out either the side or the back. Without this, sometimes surround will come out of the back, sometimes out of the side.

In case you like the idea of the heuristic, but you would prefer the surround to be assigned to the back, you can use my other plugin to do the channel swapping for it. Just put it after dummy71, and configure it to swap side/back surround channels.

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