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Request: WebBrowser component

I am new here, so please accept my apology in advance in case I post this topic in inappropriate thread. I don't exactly have a development problem, rather I have an idead which some of you might consider interesting. I know there is plenty of lyrics plugins for Foobar2000 but I like none of them and I have a very simpler thing in mind. Would it be possible to make a plugin which would be basically just an UI element which would host and instance of borderless WebBrowser control and would have one setting - URL mask? I guess it is. I downloaded SDK myself, but I am .NET developer and I don't understand C++ a lot. I didn't even manage to compile example component, so I gave up. But I think for someone with a lot of experience this is ten-minute thing. And why was I talking about song lyrics? Well, my mask would look something like "$magic(%artist%)/$magic(%title%).html" where $magic function is actually something like "$replace(...$(replace$ascii($lower(x))))". It's clumsy but it does the job - I replace every unwanted ASCII character so I get something like "" after processing this mask. And I would like to set this as the URL of given WebBrowser instance instead of having shortcuts (with foo_run) for different sites like A-Z Lyrics, P Lyrics, etc.

What do you guys think? Is this even worth developing? Maybe with a little extra effort it would be possible to specify more masks and shortcut to switch between them (in case lyrics are not present in preffered lyrics site). But this is not just about lyrics of course, someone might want to google album art for example, so they would just use appropriate URL mask.

I would like to receive some feedback on this - do you see any potential in such a component? Is there anyone willing to try to implement it and share what they got?

Thanks in advance!

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