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Topic: remote control, playlist sync, and skinning the Foo? (Read 1732 times) previous topic - next topic
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remote control, playlist sync, and skinning the Foo?

For the past 2 years I've been using the standard Foobar2000 layout.. but I'm quickly beginning to feel left in the dark, as I am not finding it very easy to customize. As tempting as it seems to leave the quiet grasslands of Foobar, I don't want to leave Foobar. I like its Alien cat logo, and have grown eternally attached to its ability to view files in folder structure. I can't stand players that tag things for me --it is such a handicap!

Anyway.. there are 3 things I want to do with Foobar, but have absolutely NO IDEA how to do them. Can someone lead me in the right direction, lend some advice, or give some tips & tricks? I'm slightly noob with Foobar settings, so if you can, please be as user-friendly as possible!

1) I want to control Foobar from my Android phone, like a remote control. Are there any recommended apps?
2) I want to automatically sync my playlists to the cloud, text form only (no music). I want to keep a tracklist of the files that are in my playlists. Google Drive? Dropbox? something?!
3) I want to skin Foobar, give it a nice clean new look (album art optional).

Any advice would be very, very appreciated! 


remote control, playlist sync, and skinning the Foo?

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Have you tried searching in relation to any of these three points?

You know, drop into that Google box at the top any of these:
foobar2000 android remote control
foobar2000 sync playlists
foobar2000 skin

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